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Still need Wiper Switch for 94 Cutlass SL


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I would be soooo greatful if anyone could loicate me a wiper switch for my 1994 Olds Cutlass Supreme SL.


I am an amputee on the left side and on Disability, and can't afford the gosh awful price they want for just the switch around here. All the functions work except for the function that operates the wipers.


I was even wonderinbg if it would be possible to hook the wipers up to a toggle switch and mount it on the dash some place evenb if it would just operate at one speed.


Right now when it rains, I can't go anywhere. If I could hook a toggl;e switch up to turn the wipers on and off, would I just use the wires that go to the wiper motor? I have asked a garage if they could do something like that but so far its been a week and no one has called me back. He said he was waiting on a wireing diagraham.


Of course I would rather have the original switch, but I was told the steeruing wheel would have to be pulled and it would be expensive. I just need some wipers somehow so I can drive my car when it rains.


Any help out there? You can email if you want at clontzd@bellsouth.net



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