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Found 243 results

  1. 1995 CS SL with 3100. Shop manual says basically "take it off", but there is some kind of aluminum shroud in the way of the lower bolt.
  2. olds93

    engine swap

    I own a 1993 olds cutlass supreme sl with a 3.1 litre v6 with 403,000 kms (240,000 miles ) on it. Will a 3.8 litre supercharged v6 fit under the hood?
  3. Hello everyone, new to here but been around the turbo buick world for awhile. Anyways I need some help getting info. I'm putting a 94 3800 supercharged engine in a 92 cutlass supreme coupe sl. I'm using the engine harness and computer from a 92 regal coupe with a n/a 3.8 to run it with a tuned chip. but I need the pinout for the c100 connector for the 92 regal and the 92 cutlass to get everything working. If someone has this info it would be greatly appreciated. I tried going to a local buick shop to get it but they wouldn't hand out the information.
  4. A few months ago I purchased a 1994 Cutlass Supreme SL from a guy in Palmerton, PA. My first car was a 2002 Olds Alero sedan, had many memories in that little thing. Crashed into a tree and then I didn't have a car for a while, then graduation present time? Nope just one big one from my uncle and I got a 1997 GTI vr6, and man let me tell you what... ALWAYS LISTEN TO THE WISE. My father kept telling me it's not going to be worth it, but it's my dream car, why turn it down? Drove it for about 3 days out of the 9 months I had it due to repairs and the mechanic working about as slow as a rock. I love my cutlass and I hope to learn while on this forum.
  5. Yup, believe it or not, someone actually sent a 1st gen W to China. How about that?
  6. So who is going to Homecoming in Lansing? June 14th. I'll be there with my 89 SL and my 74 supreme.
  7. OK all, I have a 97' Olds Cutlass Supreme SL with the 3.1L V6. The engine is leaking oil, due to needing the lower intake manifold seals replaced. I'm intending to do the repair, but one thing has me hesitant and/or confused about doing the job. After removing the rockers and push rods to replace the LIM seal, am I required to "set the valves" or can I simply bolt the rockers back on to a specified torque setting? I've read both. If anyone has an answer, or a place to get the details, I appreciate the feedback. Thanks in advance!
  8. So I couldn't pass my smog, 97 Cutlass Supreme SL. I pulled two OBD codes 1-P0300=Misfires and 2-P0441=Evaporative Emission Control System Incorrect Purge Flow. I don't know why its misfiring and the Purge solenoid looks to be missing a hose. I replaced plugs and wires a lil while back. Any suggestions would a fuel cleaner help, might a vacuum leak be the cause or an old coil pack?
  9. Hello. New to the forum, just signed up. Found this site looking for information on my 1992 Olds Cutlass Supreme SL 2 door coupe. Looks like I found the information I needed and hope to find more as I go along. Have owned this car the last 4 years and purchased it from one of the girls that work in our office. It was her Dads car (original owner) and she had it since 1998 up until I got it. I wish I could post some pictures of it but am having no luck get them on. Has 141,000 miles and runs like a clock. The wife uses it around town and has a ball with it! White blue interior. Has a little rust on it but still looks good for around town.
  10. Ive got a 96 supreme sl coupe bone stock The electronic climate control stays on all the time. Head unit is lite up and blower motor also runs when the car is off. Only way to shut it off is if I pull # 15 fuse in fuse block. Does anybody have any tips on how to troubleshoot this problem. THanks in advance
  11. Hey guys, thought I'd take a minute to introduce myself. As of yesterday, I am a proud new owner of a 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP with the Comp G package. This will be my daily driver, replacing a tired and craptastic 1995 Saturn SL2. Though this is my first Pontiac, I have been working on cars my whole life. I am a horsepower junkie for sure. I own three other vehicles - a 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8, a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.9 Limited, and a 1978 Ford F250 Ranger XLT that I am restoring. I bought that Ford the day that I got my driver's license and hope to one day hand it down to a child of mine. Anyways, it will take me some time to get accustomed to the new vehicle but I'm sure I will adapt just fine. I tend to believe that I am very good at vehicles, particularly with wiring. I hope I can be an asset to this forum and help some fellow members along the way.
  12. So I'm in the process of buying a '96 Cutlass Supreme (not SL), and the one thing I wish that it had was Cruise Control. I assume that the SL has cruise, and I'm wondering how much work would be required to add cruise to my car (if it's even possible at all)? Has anyone ever tried it?? thanks! -j
  13. Today I'm going to check out some local P71 Crown Vics, so this might very well be my last weekend driving a w-body. Although the w-body platform is familiar to me, the problems with them and cost of parts as well as being FWD have pretty much driven me away. So, I'm going with what I wanted originally - a P71. It's a 2007 with 177k on it, but really that's nothing for a P71. I hope to eventually swap a 5 or 6-speed manny into it, but that likely won't start until next summer. Here's some pics - Decals are going to be removed, other than that it's as-is.$_20.JPG$_20.JPG$_20.JPG$_20.JPG
  14. Hey I was wondering if I have the right color codes for my ride 97 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme SL. I have 81, 8774, WA8774 Bright Red. Does any one know if that's correct?
  15. What would be the best way to restore my 97 Cutlass Supreme SL 16 aluminum rims? They need some serious help! I it bought like this and I don't know much about restoration, any tips would help.
  16. 1990 Cutlass Supreme SL: I've been trying to track down the part number or a website where I can buy a front license plate bracket for the front bumper - NOT a "universal" one, but one specific to this car and bumper. The car never had one and in Ohio we are required. I can't come up with a part number or anything! Any help is appreciated!
  17. I just purchased this car and the Driver Information System (DIS) does not work. Does anyone have one for sale or know if they can be repaired? Any info would be appreciated - thank you!
  18. 89 international


    I took the DIC out of the 89 CS international, and put it in my 89 CS SL. (the wires were tucked in the dash) Everything seems to be working on it. Tach, temp, oil, fuel, etc. I keep hearing things like "you'll need to run wires here, there to make it work" . I also keep hearing the same thing about the UB3 dash. Could it be possible that the dash will plug right in and function properly? Also, what about the gear selector? UB3 is out of a floor shift. Want to install it in a column shift.
  19. I bought my Cutlass and it always had a tape stuck in the tape deck, the CD player doesn't work. So I was wondering if anyone knows how to remove the stuck tape? Only the radio works, I have a FM transmitter to listen to my MP3 but I have to turn everything on and off when I get in and out. Using the tape player would be lots better. Any tips?
  20. I was admiring the fog lights I installed on my CS SL the other night, when the went out. Fog light switch (which I wired directly to battery power) Died. Fine, whatever. Move on to stalling the front bucket seats. F#*@ed around getting the foam pushed back up in the seat wing. Get the rear bolts in, hit the button to move the seat forward. Nothing. Knock it with pliers, goes forward, try going back, ok. Go forward nothing. Knock it again goes forward, back,wont stop.:mad: So now Ineed a new seat switch and fog light switch.
  21. I'm trying to replace my climate control switch not sure how to remove this part? If you know how would appreciate the help. Thanks
  22. Hey guys, My 1997 cutty is my first car and I am trying to do some small, tasteful mods to it. First on the list, interior LED's so I can actually see inside of my car I want to wire it up to my fog light switch. The switch has a green, black, yellow, brown, and light brown/grey wires. What do I need to connect my LED's to make this work? The LED strip is just + and - wires needing 12v. I appreciate any help here!
  23. Picked up a 94 Cutlass SL with a 3.4 in it to play around with. prior to me buying it we had swapped in the 96+ intakes and throttle arm. The timing belt, plugs, wires, gaskets from heads up, ect. have been done. The problem I'm experiencing is it will run fine when cold, but once warmed up it acts like it has a miss. It bogs down majorly (basically no accel) and starts to shift very hard. I had put in 96+ injectors but swapped back to the 94s because of an idle problem (seemed to fix that) I'm stumped, any ideas? Could a bad pre-cat O2 cause this? I have one in the trunk and i know there was a problem with it when we did the top-end.
  24. Deere7020

    Need help

    Have a 1991 cutlass supreme sl 3.4 liter won't start changed fuel pump strainer, and filter. Have fuel to test valve. Also have spark but when cranked. Won't start. Also checked plugs and they are dry. Need some help please
  25. Hello all, This is our 1997 Cutlass Supreme SL. It was wrecked about 2 years ago and hasn't been started since. Pretty much LeMons or partout material.[/img][/img]
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