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VB 4.2 update June 12th


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Here's the run down:

The update to the latest version finally broke our old themes. They haven't been updated by their creator for over 2 years, and they are no longer supported. So I have had to update the look of the forum with some new ones. You've got 2 to pick from, and that's how it will be for a while. I am exploring options to have a theme custom designed for us as long as the cost isn't ridiculous.


In addition to those changes, I have added some perks for those who donate to the forum. They are as follows:


  • W-body.com Blog access - create and maintain your own blog about your car and what work you're doing/done to it.
  • Unlimited post attachment size
  • Increased private message storage (5000)
  • Send a private message to up to 5 members at once
  • Custom Profile titles
  • Animated avatars and profile pictures
  • Increased signature text limit

It's not much, but it's something. This site costs me $65 a month to host and any bit of donation is always appreciated. I'll make another post about donations after this.


Thanks for years of support everyone. Without our members, we wouldn't be here today!



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Whoa... the new look is so modern. LOL


Unless I'm missing something, all the How-To articles are gone.

Edit: Ahhh... nevermind. They just arent on the front page anymore.

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