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    Hi folks, I joined this forum at the suggestion of a guy on another forum regarding a '96 Grand Prix SE (150k miles) that I'm trying to fix up. I bought this car for peanuts knowing it had a bad head gasket (or worse.) With a cold engine and radiator cap removed, coolant shoots out of the radiator whenever the starter is engaged or engine running. There's evidence of coolant boilover out of the coolant expansion tank, plus coolant in two or more cylinders (wet plugs). Also have coolant in oil (not a huge amount, but enough to tell it's there). Idiot previous owner wired up the radiator fan to run all the time instead of fixing what was probably a simple intake gasket, and proceeded to overheat the piss out of it. I'm pretty confident it's head gasket and not just the intake gasket. Oddly a compression test gives me 170 PSI on all cylinders. Pretty major power steering leak and a small section of rotting brake line that needs replaced round out the list of problems with this car. Shouldn't be all that difficult to make a good runner out of this, I've done head gaskets and fairly major repairs on other vehicles. I will probably make another post inquiring about options for repair-- I'd really like to consider an engine swap. This is purely a project car, can take my time and do it right. But for now, just wanted to introduce myself and add a couple pics of the car. Have always loved this body style GP, didn't give it a second thought when I saw this for sale, I had to have it!
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    Strut Tower Bars with DR Custom Mounts

    These are the way to go for 04-08 GP's. I have these on my GXP and they are quality parts.
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    Sonic R

    Dome light switches

    I am in need of these switches! both mine are shot.. I've already changed the bulbs to LED bulbs (changed all interior lights to LED) I'd love to get the switches ASAP!!
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    Dome light switches

    Hey, I'm here! lol Yes, these are the switches for the vert dome lights. They're burned out on most convertibles...I still have some and have LED bulbs to replace the incandescent bulbs that cause the switches to burn out. They're $8 for a pair of switches, $12 for a set of 4 LED bulbs, and $3.50 for shipping anywhere in the US. PM me if you need a set and I'll send you my paypal address.
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    Dome light switches

    Hey, by the way, I just did a deal with the guy on ebay that sells the LED bulbs that fit into the dome light fixture. These are nice because they eliminate the heat build-up issue. So, if anyone wants switches and bulbs I can sell a set for $22.50 - that's 4 bulbs for $12 + 2 switches for $8 + $2.50 for shipping. For just the bulbs I would do 4 bulbs for $13, shipping included.
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