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    How to lower a W-Body ( Gen 1, Gen 1.5 )

    Camber more than the caster. My cars also serving as DD's, I was running around -1.7 degrees in the front. On lots of non-street driven vehicles (not talking about w-bodies specifically. Nobody autocrosses w-bodies) it's very common to see guys running negative 3 degrees. I sent the tail end around on my green GTP on more than one occasion. It definitely didn't understeer much and I'm a crappy driver. More caster will help as well though, because it helps the car gain negative camber when the wheels are turned. It's why a lot of cars now have around 10 degrees of caster from the factory.
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    Knock sensor location

    Yikes, it’s much easier on the LQ1. That’s a first...
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    Trunk leaks

    Mine was the top of the window, it would run down around the window and drip in the trunk. My GS has a leaky luggage rack bolt right about dead center, you've inspired me to pick up some seam sealer today.
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