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TGP Version 2.0

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Here goes nothing!


















Monies spent so far:


Car: $500

Trailer Rental: $45

Gas: $100

Shopvac: $120

Megasquirt 2 $300

EGR Delete: $12.50

Header Flanges: $59





Monies to spend:



100K mile 3500: $400

lx5 TB: $??

--EGR Delete: $15--

Getrag 282/4: $???

ebay Turbo: $250

Innovate LC-1 WBo2: $150

>=38lb/hr injectors: $300

--Header flanges: $60--

Exhaust: $???

MSII: $300



$1460 + $???



Cooper Zeon ZPTs???: $450

KYB Part # 334228 x2 (GR2 Rear): $110

Other crap for gen2 rears (BXX stuff?): $???

gen2 rear brake stuff (junkyard?): $???

KYB Part # 366004 x2 (GR2 Front): $90

DORMAN Part # 905501 x2 (trailing arms): $24

MONROE Part # 901921 x2 (front strut mounts): $25

MOOG Part # ES2912RL x2 (outter tie rod ends): $50



$750 + $???


Other go-fast goodies:

16gal fuel cell: $160

Jegs 555-159001 (fuel pump): $130

AN stuff to put it all together: $???

Optima yellow top 500CCA: $210

Aluminum drag seat: $200





Other wants:

Paint: $????

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Yeah, 10 years...

I haven't completely made up my mind what to do. I've got moneh to spend this time, but I could part this baby and make a bit more. Good louvers, vacuum clip, xover, xlaces, 5spd setup and PMIII from what I understand...


Part of me wants a track car. Especially since my buddy just bought Superdave's 3500 for his Fiero. I want something that can chase it down the track.


The other part of me wants a respectable show car. But this car is light-years away from that.

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Nice!!! He doing ok? Also, does he know you ended up with the other one and whatnot? He was a super nice guy, wish I would have met him earlier when I was down there


Yup, he got heavy into Subarus and never looked back. I think his wife/GF made him sell the car.

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Also, how did you find out about it? Was he trying to sell it, or did you track him down or soemthing? I'm honestly kinda blown away :lol: IIRC that one was in pretty decent shape, other than needing a good cleaning and things from sitting


Well, I know a little bit. It was 5spd swapped and had some gofast goodies. Jay only drove it a couple of times before he blew up the trans at the track. It's been sitting ever since.


He posted it up for sale on TGPforums and I snatched it up a week later :D

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Yeah, he told me all that back in the day, I ended up with the spare trans (which Matt now has). I hope you get it back up to snuff, I'd love to check it out sometime!!


The car needs some plastic, that's for sure. Don't suppose you have a spare set of bumpers? The whole interior is trashed, and I mean all of it.


I haven't had much of a chance to look at the underside, but I imagine it's not going to be pretty. Either way, I've got the shopvac ready to go for tomorrow's clean-up.

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I had a front clip at one point, sold to BXX for the rotbox. I doubt he still has it, I think it got chopped up and trashed. I may have some body cladding though. I got some to replace mine, but never got around to it, I think the passenger door cladding, and front part? :thinking: rear shouldn't be as hard to find since it wasn't TGP specific

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Did he still have the red one?




I still haven't decided whether to restore or part the car. I really need to get a look at the underbelly.

If I restore, I'm going to see if I can find a donor car for plastics. I really like the miniquads, so don't let me near your car :D

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