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  1. Psych0matt

    3.1 Plugs and Wires

    Nate did that iirc, I just used a combo of extensions (on the LQ1), takes 10 minutes
  2. Psych0matt

    3.1 Plugs and Wires

    I usually ask Manuel as well, but he doesn’t always answer right away
  3. I’ve heard there is but the vert is a beast, I suppose not meant to be terribly fast, but mine was pretty tame. Having a lighter car it feels way better (when I had my 95 z34 Monte Carlo), and obviously a ton better with a manual (my gtp).
  4. Psych0matt

    1997 grand prix intro

    An anteater, welcome!
  5. It says it has an electrical issue, that’d drive the price down for me, otherwise it’s a good deal $1500 car. I do t get why people hate the LQ1, but I digress
  6. Psych0matt

    2000 impala 3400

    No ones trying to be a dick but “muh car won’t start halp!” Isn’t much to go with. Hope you get it sorted! [emoji106]
  7. Psych0matt

    2000 impala 3400

    He needs to do a key? That’s not right...
  8. Psych0matt

    quarter window sweeps

    Shouting, talking very loudly usually in an aggressive manner.
  9. Psych0matt

    quarter window sweeps

    WHY ARE WE YELLING?! also. I haven’t had my beer vert* for almost 10 years and they weren’t available already at that point
  10. Psych0matt

    Back Again

    Welcome back! Post some pics of your projects!
  11. Psych0matt

    94 Cutlass vert

    Welcome! I still miss my 94
  12. Not to threadjack, but what’s this?
  13. Psych0matt Southern meetup 2019

    Disregard, this isnt the other meet thread