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  1. Not sure if it would’ve been of interest but I chucked a cs lip when we moved :-(
  2. I’m not active much on the Facebook anymore but that’s good to know. Super close to me as well as like 5 miles from my parents house. Depending on what’s going on I wouldn’t mind having some of you .com guys over, maybe even put a few people up if there’s an interest. I’ll run it by the wife and look at the calendar
  3. You know what, for some reason I was thinking he said the fuel pressure regulator was replaced but we reading it doesn’t seem like that was the case. This almost sounds exactly like what my monte Carlo was doing when the fuel pressure regulator went bad.
  4. Too bad you’re pretty far away, I wouldn’t mind picking it up for a spare trans, but someone will hopefully scoop it up at that price at least for that
  5. Have you checked for vacuum leaks? You said you did the uim gaskets, wondering if the lim gasket is leaking.
  6. I did coilovers on mine. Wasn’t too hard but some parts were custom.
  7. I agree, the flat red looks cool! Not a fan of the random gold accents or swapping in an engine that undoes why it was a gtp in the first place, but to each his own
  8. If you have the room, slightly smaller socket pounded on?
  9. Welcome! The regal should have some parts that swap over, as well as any of the others assuming not cosmetic, like the Grand Prix or impala or Monte Carlo
  10. Well I wasn’t originally sure it was him since op is new (though I figured jay might know) /hijack
  11. I know, I meant I was also asking you, I’m curious on mine
  12. Hmm, I wonder how many mine is. Where do you find this out? JAY!!!!
  13. Not a huge fan of the wheels (on any car for that matter haha), but otherwise looks great! needs a valence though. I kinda like the tips, although they dont quite fit the shape of the outlet
  14. Not trying to sound like a dick, but that doesn’t sound like a very good reason to sell a car Glws though, I’d love to get another some day!
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