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  1. i may have been more than a few mouthfuls into a fifth of vodka at this point, but a whistling parking lot pharmacist was looking to sell us some of whatever the hell he was holding at the time and when none of us were biting(I think), that line came out. from what I remember, anyway.
  2. y'all is softa then muffuckin cupcakes I think about it often, oddly enough,
  3. better than new. figuring out just what driver is used on these clusters for the speedo and tach took hours, if not days of scanning through period-correct datasheets, matching up sample circuits, eventually finding a match, finding superseded versions, finding superseded versions to those, repeat a couple more times, finally find parts that are actually still available, buy a stock of them for the inevitable failure of them in the future.... then repeat the process for the odometer driver. and then the IC that controls the check gauges and low fuel lights(that one was a lucky guess though and took a whole 5 minutes). and for the TGP specific clusters, the IC that runs the boost gauge(another fairly lucky break). then mapping out every single component on all of the PCB revisions I've come across, determining and assigning a function for the more critical ones.... I mean, I might know a thing or two about them. I've got spreadsheets, images and text documents that are all generated from my work that an electronic repair shop would have had to pay $$$$ for back when these were relevant.
  4. from the GP clusters I've had in-hand.... all 89-90 UB3 clusters(not the half-digitals, though they wouldn't surprise me) will have the speedo and tach go nuts, it's when, not if. I imagine most have by now. SOME 91-93 clusters have the speedo and tach get out of whack. not all, for whatever reason(I'm not sure if it's a build date related issue or not). all will have the check gauges and low fuel light issue, at least once, eventually. GM's choice to use whatever the hell lacquer-like conformal coating on the last ~4" or so of the board seems to cause issues.
  5. yes, though scheduling is going to be a bit rough for a while, we're running at mandatory weekends at work for the next INDEFINITE PERIOD OF TIME and the last thing I want to do after work is crouching over a PCB for an hour+ reworking it. so, if you don't mind waiting(what is likely to be) a few months, I'd suggest it, otherwise I would have to charge significantly more to make it worth my time.
  6. the clusters use a laser-trimmed resistor(in a DIP package) to calibrate both speedo and tach. the little resistive pad likes to either visibly flake apart and increase resistance or they occasionally do the same without any visible evidence. in either case, I just bypass the pad that is used for the speedo and tach cals. there is at least one more(though I seem to remember 4 total?) resistive pad on that DIP package that is used in-circuit, but I can't remember what it's used for off-hand, though I've never seen it become an issue yet.
  7. it's safe to call it a common issue, I've rebuilt a couple dozen specifically for that complaint. usually comes with the fuel light and check gages light working oddly as well. these clusters don't use stepper motors(except for the odometer), they're just magnetic air-core gauges, which are fairly robust when the circuit that drives them doesn't have a poor choice of component selection in it. they are susceptible to vehicle angle though, but you're generally not concerned with ~3 or 4MPH accuracy when dealing with a ~25% grade.
  8. if those 30lb/hr ratings are at LQ1 fuel pressure(43.5PSI), then they would support up to the 290HP range pretty easily. however, if they're rated at 30lb/hr at 58PSI(like a LS1), then they would only be the equivalent of roughly 26lb/hr injectors, which are more suitable for the 250HP range. it only takes about 4PSI to get a LQ1 to that point, which is going to be a lot of time/money/effort for only a 40HP improvement. RedZMonte on built up a turbo LQ1 for his 95 monte carlo, ran 7PSI with a T04E-60 and made over 325HP(at ~5800RPM) to the wheels. this didn't require any kind of engine modification other than the choice to use the 96/97 intakes and the exhaust work necessary to mount the turbo. when he ran 5PSI, he made 265 to the wheels. photobucket is stage 4 cancer now, so the photos are hell to get to, but here's the dyno plot for 7PSI: it's in MPH due to a coil pickup issue at the time(if I'm remembering our conversation about it), however knowing the 4T60 2nd gear ratio(1.57), w-body tire size(26.3"), final drive ratio(3.43) and plugging it into a calculator: you can reverse the HP values into torque and RPM figures as well. not many engines take to boost quite the way the LQ1 does.
  9. lack of an ALDL B terminal is just an evolution of OBD1... GM started implementing 3(and 4) digit error codes for a lot of platforms and rather than make the blinkout procedure more complex, they just dropped the capability while retaining the same comm protocol that had been used starting in 86. there are even some cars that have the B terminal that don't blink codes. Cadillac started doing that before most other GM marques. an ALDL cable + tunerpro RT will do quite a bit for what the combo costs. it does require someone to have built a definition for any given application to use it, but I did that years ago for almost every common GM OBD1 application. I've spent quite a bit of time developing the P66 V6 definition in particular, you could download tunerpro and the P66 V6 ADX to get an idea of what you would have access to ahead of time, but I've got most of the functionality of a Tech1 replicated. honestly.... every 60V6(and 3800) owner should have at least one spare ICM and coilpack(preferably a set) hidden away somewhere for when(not if) they fail.
  10. LTFT bouncing the way it does it is likely the PCM just switching between the BLM(LTFT) cell matrix. the matrix can be as large as 16(or 17? been a while) cells, divided by RPM and MAP. IIRC, GM only enabled 4 of them on the 94-95 3100 calibrations(the 94-95 3.4 used in the F-bodies used the same PCM with a different calibration, I think all cells were enabled in those cals). there is an option in the calibration for LTFT to reset to 128 upon cell changes, which is probably what you're seeing. hold it steady-state and you'll likely see it hold at a single value before too long. normally, LTFT is limited to about 156 in most OBD1 calibrations, but I seem to remember it being different here. in any case, your LTFT is trending high, so the PCM is adding additional fuel, so the engine is running lean or you have a misfire occurring(the uncombusted air will be read by the O2 sensor as excess air). if I were you... I'd start disabling cylinders to see which one(s) are weak. depending on your scantool, you may be able to do it that way. I setup the tunerpro definition for these cars to be able to disable any cylinder on-command. also setup the ability to disable an entire bank(1/3/5 or 2/4/6), which oddly enough runs smoother than just a single cylinder being disabled. I THINK you have a coil/ICM/injector that has failed, but you would need to be able to disable individual cylinders to find out which cylinder to focus on and determine the cause from there.
  11. I'm not entirely sure where you would fit it, but a 1/4 wave resonator is voodoo for exhaust drone.
  12. I'm also remembering an O-ring on a LH0 IAC. I seem to remember fishing one out of the bore rather than it coming off with the IAC before as well.
  13. RobertISaar

    Bad PCM?

    let me know if you can't get it going on your own, I do have a little time today to explain/correct things if needed.
  14. RobertISaar

    Bad PCM?

    if you NEED those kinds of capabilities, that might be a decent investment, otherwise ALDL cables are cheap enough to buy(and WAY cheaper to build).
  15. the shaft seal and the compressor body seals themselves have been the issue with every V5 system I've come across outside of something actually damaging the condenser to point of leaking.
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