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  1. Would you be willing to meet halfway, like Nashville or something? It's just soooo far away. 580 miles...
  2. Is the car driveable? Let me rephrase... Would it make the drive back to central IL or would I need to tow it?
  3. Do you have one in your Z24?
  4. Yeah, If I can get one. Failing that, I'm going to try to do an F40.
  5. LX9 in going in. Want to go bigger than the Chinese GT3076R from the last build. It spooled too quickly (yes that's a problem). Couldn't find a F40 swap thread on clubgp (no surprise). I also for the life of me cannot find a getrag for sale. Spent some monies at britishcarconversions. Bought EGR delete and header flanges.
  6. I fear not these things which you describe. Is there a build thread I can reference? I remember some dude on clubgp did it before. Not sure he made a build thread though. Also, this? With dis:
  7. By the way, I need a getrag if anyone has one. OR Since I have everything getrag 284 except the transmission, and 284's are impossible to find, maybe I should consider an F40?
  8. The slowest moving project thread drones on. My parts bin is starting to fill up though.
  9. I was not expecting that.
  10. Cheater! Daily drivers don't count!
  11. The slowest moving project thread drags on. More progress, though you couldn't tell it by looking.
  12. It hasn't, and I doubt the PM3 still works. No idea, though.
  13. I really can't decide between 'big plans' or restoration. I mean, it's already been converted to 5speed and had (most of) the interior changed to gray... It's also missing the PCM and I have the megasquirt from TGP 1.0... Probably going to be big plans.
  14. Continuing the worlds slowest moving project thread today. Made some more progress towards getting the engine out.
  15. Not too much work done today. Drained some fluids and cleaned out some field/squirrel leftovers
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