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  1. Heartbeat1991


    I've gotten parts changed or refunded under warranty from them without issue.
  2. Heartbeat1991

    TGP Forum

    The TGP forum sees some action at times. I tend to post here and FB more though.
  3. Heartbeat1991

    1989 grand prix tgp

    I bought a custom mount for it about 15 years ago. They are still out there, and it's actually pretty simple to fab up your own.
  4. Heartbeat1991

    1989 grand prix tgp

    I have a boosted LA1 in my Z24. It's pretty sweet. Just a note, the Turbo cars have an LG5, not an LH0
  5. Heartbeat1991

    1989 grand prix tgp

    Why would you do that? What's wrong with the car?
  6. Heartbeat1991

    89-93 B4U/B4M Valance

    I have a freshly painted Black one.
  7. Heartbeat1991

    Looking for TGP Badges

    You can buy the whole set on eBay for $100. The glue on them is garbage. Don't even use it. Peel it all off and replace with 3M emblem tape.
  8. Heartbeat1991

    Trans swap

    Or just get your stock trans built and put it back in and be done.
  9. Heartbeat1991

    Wtb TGP rims

    You're better off refinishing what you have. The gold ones are a bit harder to find, and I would imagine more so in Canada.
  10. Heartbeat1991


    It's not worth it. They charge more for them on eBay than Saar typically charges to rebuild them, and they very likely have the exact same problem. Saar has rebuilt several of mine. I wouldn't send mine anywhere else.
  11. Heartbeat1991

    Trans swap

    Why would you want to do this? It's a lot of work and expense.
  12. What are the details on #2?
  13. Heartbeat1991

    Found a 94 Vert for sale...

    Seems a little high to me. Maybe $3000.
  14. Heartbeat1991

    FS powdercoated TGP intake and valve covers

    Why not just blast and recoat them? Also, You listed them as 89-90. But the upper intake would have to be plugged at the PCV port to use on an 89, Assuming that wouldn't interfere with the lower manifold.
  15. Heartbeat1991

    Wanted: 1992 Grand Prix coupe valence

    I've been here a long time and that's the first time someone has explained that. LOL