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5 speed swap


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Need to figure out parts plan for this engine build now that I’m back into it.  The haggerty guys seem to like Fel-Pro a lot. The other brand im wondering on is engine tech. They have a complete rebuild kit on rock auto that is interesting. Would like to be sure I get the better of the two. Anyone who’s done an engine rebuild have any preference? Also need some ideas on pistons/rings/journal bearings etc. Can’t order yet as I need to see what kind of machining is needed first just want an idea.

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I have a tranny guy with a bunch of stuff laying around (transmission, not transsexual). I'll pop in and see if he has any 282 or 284 that are rebuildable and maybe I'll get lucky (lucky and find some

Sooner may be better, perhaps get a detailed list of the assembled parts up so another member can chime in about something obscure that may be missing before this parts car is Del Monte cans.

Update on this.  Im now the proud (or cursed) owner of a untested Getrag 284 5 speed swap with 154k.  The donor car was a 91 gtp (RIP little buddy) and I think I have all the bits i'll need except the

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