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  1. 55trucker

    Junk Yard Thread, Never ending

    You're killing me with all of these basically healthy cars & no way to go get parts off them.
  2. 55trucker

    '91-96 GP headlight HID/LED light tutorial?

    If one has Mini-Quads then yes they are.
  3. 55trucker

    Fuel pump relay cap

    I've lost the plastic cap that covers the fuel pump relay housing in the engine bay. The relay housing is mounted to the left side strut, if anyone who goes into a yard & sees one still on a car would you kindly pull it off. It's my stupid mistake for not properly fixing it into place, I bathed down the engine bay after some work to the car & I didn't notice it blew off. *excuse the double pics, I can't seem to edit out the 2nd pic seen*
  4. I wouldn't mind one of those strut braces, they appear as both needing some cosmetic work so whichever, just not sure if they will clear the DOHC plenum
  5. Found it! the issue WAS with my browsers *user agent*, for whatever reason the forum website was recording my user agent as IE11(account settings/recently used devises), not Firefox (gecko). I had to go into about:config & change the useragent to Firefox 59 Quantum (gecko) from the listed user agent Firefox 52.9 (Pale Moon) (gecko), that ones a mystery to me, but all is well again.
  6. Well Shaun, I've just logged on via my wife's laptop & there is no issue. What's puzzling is her browser is a mirror of my systems browser, except that the version is a few mths older. Both Win7 32bit, looks like I've got some digging to do.
  7. has me baffled, it's not an issue with the browsers *user agent*. which version of Pale Moon are you using?
  8. No, there's just the theme that I make use of (Noia 4), that has been tested & it is not the source of the issue, neither is Noscript nor Adblock Latitude. I make use of both of those filters also on here Firefox & they do not interfere with the website. I'm hoping that Luke will find a cure. What I should be seeing is this.......... .but I'm not
  9. I cannot reply to any threads at all. The *reply box* will not respond to any input command from my browser. I can * start* a thread but do nothing after that. Pale Moon has been my primary browser for at least 8 years now, I'm using 27.9.4, with the website upgrade my browser has lost a few of the basic functions to make use of the website. Here's a screenshot of this thread. The reply box at the bottom does not *open* to any command input. I'm using my Firefox backup to reply to this.
  10. The site seems to have lost the gallery banner images that were displayed above the forum sub sections. *Luke...I still don't have capability using my Pale Moon browser.
  11. 55trucker

    Calling all sunroof/moonroof owners!

    Are both of the guide covers attached properly? They are plastic & are held in place on both inner sides of the track mechanism, they hinge at the front to follow the glass. When the glass is *up* you can see them.
  12. 55trucker

    Hard to start when car is warm

    Now after all that, that wasn't so hard, was it?
  13. Luke is on the job! The webpage is now opening up in *fullscreen*
  14. 55trucker

    engine swap to 3.6 GM

    well, I don't know about them being the same, the latest version of the High Value family is the LGX engine found in the Caddy's. Buick Lacrosse & the Camaro's, like the LY7 it is an all aluminum engine, but this one is near 12 to 1 compression, the cam is chain drive, even an LLT would please me, better low end torque #'s than the DOHC, better horsepower #'s, more fuel efficient as well. bolted up to the 6T75 trans seems like a nice N/A powertrain that is now reliable. *The only thing I don't like about the engines are the DI injection, having to go to lengths to clean off the carbon buildup on the backsides of the valves every so often is a big minus sign
  15. I am concerned about this as well, all of the script/images are concentrated in the centre of the screen, the outer portion of the screen are left blank.