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  1. Okay, I'm calling it... I'm planning the first weekend of July Friday the 5th-Sunday the 7th. Only a couple people have commented and hopefully Non-Chinese Matt can make the later date. The best Motel I've found is a super 8, I will have an absolute destination at the beginning of the week because there are a couple motels on the other side of town I didn't hit up yet. Sorry I haven't been around much guys, the busy season is absolutely kicking my ass this year, it's been nice because I don't have employees to watch over and stress about this year but doing literally everything at work is physically killer. I hope some of you will pass the information off to FB for me so we can get some numbers, as of now I've been using "6-12 rooms" as my opener for buying power at these motels because I have no idea how many are coming.
  2. Old medical vacuums sell for cheap on Ebay. That's what I have.
  3. Can you guys please post so I know what I'm planning? June or July?
  4. Do we all want to do july? It doesn't matter to me but I should probably know before I make plans with one of these motels I've been talking to
  5. Checked out a few more motels last night. One was better than the others but still a house next door. I'm going to look at another now.
  6. I'll have something this week. I thought I had a motel but when I went to see it it wasn't up to par.
  7. AGX struts are less than optimum for a first gen. They're a couple inches longer than stock. In the first picture is my 225# rear spring with about 1.5" of suspension travel. I'm going to order some 12", or maybe 14" springs but for now I stuck the front 325# springs in the back and got about 3" of travel in the second picture. The 325# springs are very firm, almost mining cart kind of firm but honestly I think I like it. I may do some longer 300# springs in the back and maybe 400# up front but I'm gonna drive this for a week and mull it over.
  8. Imp558

    3.1 Plugs and Wires

    Isn't there something about putting a couple notches in the front of the cowl that the seal hides to get useful trajectory with a bunch of extensions on a 60*?
  9. That's what I thought, and probably displaced by a car stereo dash kit so someone should need it to go back to stock.
  10. That's an incredibly complicated question.
  11. I'm guessing a pcm that's very confused is the problem.
  12. I don't know what this is, it came tossed in with some door handles I bought from a cat. If it's of significant value to someone PM me a shipping address, willing to trade for imaginary pat on the back.
  13. Perhaps a few more detailed description of the problem, assuming there's already a key involved.
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