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  1. Okay, I'm calling it... I'm planning the first weekend of July Friday the 5th-Sunday the 7th. Only a couple people have commented and hopefully Non-Chinese Matt can make the later date. The best Motel I've found is a super 8, I will have an absolute destination at the beginning of the week because there are a couple motels on the other side of town I didn't hit up yet. Sorry I haven't been around much guys, the busy season is absolutely kicking my ass this year, it's been nice because I don't have employees to watch over and stress about this year but doing literally everything at work is physically killer. I hope some of you will pass the information off to FB for me so we can get some numbers, as of now I've been using "6-12 rooms" as my opener for buying power at these motels because I have no idea how many are coming.
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