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  1. Imp558

    Cutlass convertible original drafts

    GIMP is a free download and one of it's many options is image orientation.
  2. Imp558

    Newb checking in

    That wasn't an inappropriate place for it but it probably wouldn't have been seen as easily. It's in Rides now.
  3. Imp558

    Cutlass convertible original drafts

    Someone was talking a while ago about the notches cut on either side of the engine bay on a 'vert. I assume those were to provide more crumple in a front end collision. Makes me wonder what other little things like that are in place that haven't been noticed.
  4. check out the last couple of pictures under the hood in my Regal's old thread, that's a second gen bar that you can find at every wrecking yard everywhere for a few bucks welded across a set of 1st Gen caps. Don't look closely at the welds - I did it on the end of an extension cord, LOL.
  5. That front bar is nice but that's pricey, every once in a while someone here will sell a factory first gen one but they're a bit rarish. My front bar is an abundant second gen bar welded across the tower caps. Effective for under $20.
  6. Strut tower bars would be a nice start, unless you need suspension components as a priority due to wear. Checking everything out is a nice idea too.
  7. Imp558

    Oil change intervals, what do you guys suggest?

    There was a thread about a year ago on that topic, I remember it evolved into oil analysis after Schurkey mentioned having oil lab tested.
  8. Imp558 Southern meetup 2019

    Rich, the summer meet up here is always in June or early July. IMO if you want to cement a date in May there's very little chance of it coinciding with the Northern Meet. Also if you set a date first we would simply take that weekend off the table. Besides, the weather is a factor and May would be less opportunistic here anyway.
  9. Imp558

    OBD 1.5 confusion

    When you're ready I'll post up diagrams and pinouts, I'm 90* guy so a 60* guy is gonna have to advise on what donor to get the harness and PCM from first to get things started. Just to make sure the PCM goes back in the same spot and all. This shouldn't be too bad, you might consider getting that 4T60 out of there and doing a far more plentiful 4T65 at the same time. It's a matter of changing the tulips on your cv shafts and it'll bolt right in. If you're swapping engines it's not like we're worried about preserving the heritage of an antiquated vacuum operated transmission.
  10. Imp558

    Fun with Emblems

    As long as it's not re-badging a car to make it look like something it's not I'm game. My Regal got a new set of the correct Regal badges after it was painted. I didn't put the CUSTOM badges back on, instead I did the SUPERCHARGED script found on the back of a Riviera in their places. The rear of the car looked bland so I did the same combo on the trunklid. I had a set of GS badges but couldn't bear to put them on even though that car would have stomped a first gen GS. On my GS I did the new style black & chrome symbols on the wheels and would like to either remove the hood badge or replace it with the new style.
  11. Imp558

    Body molding clips

    Post a picture. Someone might recognize them from another application.
  12. Imp558

    Welding coolant pipes.

    Wow, I just learned I've never used MAPP gas. On that note, a MAPP torch works really cool with the aluminum rods, aluminum tubing would be an awesome replacement.
  13. Imp558

    OBD 1.5 confusion

    Need the OBD-II harness and PCM, then re-pin c100 to plug into the car and run the class II data wire and change the DLC plug.
  14. Imp558

    Welding coolant pipes.

    Fabricating a new one would be a better idea. Welding thin stuff sucks, the welder has a tendency to blow right through. It would be ugly as sin and very brittle if it did work. I weld exhaust but even on that I weld at a slip joint so it's double thick or my MIG will blow holes if I'm not tentative enough. A really experienced professional welder with a TIG might be able to fix it but I bet even they wouldn't guarantee anything.
  15. Imp558

    1994 DOHC 6 Racing and then sputtering

    Also check the TPS: Slide a pin alongside the blue wire past the seal until it touches the pin inside. Turn the ignition on and read the voltage at the blue wire (hence the pin) as you move the throttle. Should see almost 0V on one end up to almost 5V on the other. Memphisman is of course correct that a vacuum leak can cause this but it seems fishy that it was idling low before so make sure all the vacuum lines are good, especially ones that may have been jostled during the IACV install.