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  1. Imp558

    Hvac controls not illuminating on 94 Lumina

    My Regal did this, I had to get new bulbs from an electronics supply and solder them in. Could replace them with an LED and a 1k resistor to limit the current.
  2. I'd like to start putting this together Monday so it can be ready to order before December. Anyone else?
  3. Imp558

    02 impala engine swap or twin engine

    I really like that two-tone.
  4. Imp558

    02 impala engine swap or twin engine

    Project cars are never as clean as we want them to be, and that's good because once they are the fun is over.
  5. Imp558

    02 impala engine swap or twin engine

    Oh, and welcome to the community. Pictures of the car would be great.
  6. Imp558

    02 impala engine swap or twin engine

    L67 swap or top swap is not too hard and it's got good support in the aftermarket. LS swap wouldn't be too bad if you had a donor vehicle. Engine in trunk is a mammoth undertaking, there's one going together on this forum now.
  7. That's essentially what the flapper does, and you can flip the emery cloth over and the back side will polish the bore. What are you planning to lube them with?
  8. Imp558

    1992 Cutlass Supreme Turn Signal Switch Repair

    And it looks more expensive than ..... a readily available safety pin. I had the Delphi tool at one time, the pin was hardened and it broke after a couple uses. All the Delphi extractors are fragile but the Snap-on ones are a pretty good investment if you think you'll use them enough. I still reach for a safety pin first for everything except my 12014012-1 tool for the gunbarrel connectors and a piece of GM plastic vacuum line will work on those in a pinch.
  9. I have a tool I made that works for cleaning the slide bores and a lot more. Mine is a 1/4" shoulder bolt, head cut off and about a half inch long slot cut in from the end. I put a hunk of emery cloth in the slot and spin it with a die grinder or drill. The shop I used to work at we called them "Flappers", I made mine to thread onto a little arbor that I have here but half the time I chuck it in like it is. One day I'll make a longer one with some 1/4" rod from the hardware store.
  10. Imp558

    1992 Cutlass Supreme Turn Signal Switch Repair

    I use a safety pin or very small pick on little stuff like that. Bigger things can use a mechanic's pick.
  11. Imp558

    ALDL Data Line ECM / ABS

    To me I suppose there are factors like who the driver is and what the winter weather looks like in their region. Me, personally I prefer non-ABS and have a tough time adjusting to cars with poorly designed ABS. Back on topic though I wonder if an MT2500 would pull brake codes? If you suspect a problem with wiring it may be faster to just do continuity on everything.
  12. Imp558

    ALDL Data Line ECM / ABS

    More often than not ABS problems are from a failing wheel bearing. I admire your determination but if it's a real ABS problem converting it to non ABS would be a solution.
  13. The Delphi/Aptiv P/N is:12126499 There doesn't seem to be a place that sells them raw, I'd harvest one from a wrecking yard car before I paid what they want for them. That plug looks really familiar with that lock, I just took one of them apart on my van or her Monte, the one you bought first is commonly used by GM for CTS and VSS.
  14. They probably have it and it's one that doesn't have a picture. If you Google the Delphi/Aptiv part numbers pictures will often pop up.
  15. Can you post a picture of a different one on the car or of the male side? I may be able to help with a source. There are 3 different plugs listed at RockAuto.