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  1. Imp558

    Rotational noise

    Wheel bearing: grab the wheel at the 12 & 6 o'clock position try to rock the top of the wheel in while you try to rock the bottom out, and vice versa. Any movement is a bad bearing. CV: drive slow, tight circles in a parking lot, a bad cv will click or clunk.
  2. Imp558

    1990 'McLaren Grand Prix' review

    That's the first W-Body related "review" that was more or less respectful. I do not want to punch that guy in the face. In fact I'm curious to see if he puts that beautiful TGP back on it's throne.
  3. Bump, still time to send some pictures
  4. Imp558

    Rotational noise

    I'd check that hub assembly. I know it's newer but the aftermarket ones aren't known for quality. Also, the cv shaft.
  5. There's nothing wrong with sharing a good source. That place did a really nice job. It's when people join just to post ads that there's a problem.
  6. Imp558

    P0401 code

    What year and engine? I'll post up a diagram for you to test the wiring tonight.
  7. We should try to keep it members but thank you for the offer. Amazing pictures again this year BTW. We got a lot of new members this year so I feel confident we will have plenty to work with.
  8. Imp558

    LED conversion

    I'm having trouble wrapping my head around it having both DLC's.. Somebody must have done an OBD-II conversion to it at some point?
  9. Ow! My Balls!

  10. Only have seven members so far, where's everybody at? Jarek, can you E-mail one please so the resolution is better? The forum crunches pictures to save space. Trying to have a full calendar by Halloween but if you guys need an extra week I can go out one more. Just want everybody to have time to order and have them by new years ....
  11. I still say keep the oil. It's not a stretch to imagine the oil facilitating heat transfer to help keep the shock cool for one. Also a little oil will keep the cartridge from getting rusted into the tube and keep the tube from rusting. It's really no more harmful than oil undercoating. I get that it doesn't need to be there but I'm not buying that it can't be there.
  12. He already confirmed a cts about 240 with a scan tool. I bet it's a bad relay or crappy connection.
  13. It looks like a failure in the primary or secondary relay could cause the primary fan not to work. I'm a little confused why the PCM has the ability to control the secondary fan with AC but not with the secondary fan temp. 2005CenturyFans.bmp 2005CenturyFans2.bmp
  14. I'll post your schematics tonight, if your cannot figure this out quickly it would be better to cut the green wire going to the primary relay and ground the relay side temporarily to force the fan with ignition power. Yeah, that's ghetto but weighed against driving around 30* above boiling it's not a bad option.
  15. Imp558

    2006 grand prix gt timing cover coolant leak.

    I've never taken any special care with a 3800 oil pump.