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  1. Imp558

    Gen2,3 Hud in Gen1

    No, green. If you were OBD-II there would be a lot of aftermarket options too.
  2. Imp558

    Gen2,3 Hud in Gen1

    You can run a Bonnie HUD, an earlyish one, and they're a bit smaller.
  3. Imp558

    Gen2,3 Hud in Gen1

    IIRC a 1996 HUD is still uart data, as is the DIC. I could be wrong, have to look at the prints.
  4. Imp558

    Gen2,3 Hud in Gen1

    Ain't happening without class II data from the PCM. If you do OBD-II you should be good.
  5. So this is: Second Gen HD booster (Monte/Impala 9c1) First Gen non-ABS MC First Gen pedal rod Second Gen push rod with the little bitzel removed from the end Right?
  6. Imp558

    Junk Yard Thread, Never ending

    I have mixed emotions about the seats. They look kind of like inflatable pool toys but I'm strangely attracted to them.
  7. Imp558

    '91-96 GP headlight HID/LED light tutorial?

    It's not difficult to make your own lighting harness, a relay, fuse holder, some wire, a couple of ring terminals and that jumper that always comes with a HID kit.
  8. Imp558

    Possible Top Pin Cup Solution

    Are there different grades of plastic that can be 3D printed with? Last year we got some covers for the prop shafts on my Son's drone and they broke relatively quickly.
  9. Imp558

    Installing A Regal Instrument Cluster in a Centruy

    Write down all the numbers and google them. Desoldering an eeprom is not for the faint of heart though. The guy on Ebay for $60 is a pretty good deal, not so great aftersshipping I suppose.
  10. Imp558

    Installing A Regal Instrument Cluster in a Centruy

    Different needles rest at different points, if you don't like it the temp gauge from the Century would likely swap right in. A GM instrument cluster is far from being accurate instrumentation but it sounds like it's behaving when powered.
  11. Imp558

    Installing A Regal Instrument Cluster in a Centruy

    One has to wonder if it's feasible to solder the old eeprom into the new clusrer. That may be worth playing with some day. Or reading the eeprom and trying to manipulate the HEX file.
  12. Imp558

    4 beeps while driving

    Any indicators popping?
  13. Imp558

    Installing A Regal Instrument Cluster in a Centruy

    Really? I always assumed it could be fixed with a dealer tool. If a car had a bad speedo they would be incapable of fixing it. Of course that would be just one more dealer service deficiency on a list of many so it wouldn't be outlandish.
  14. Imp558

    Installing A Regal Instrument Cluster in a Centruy

    From a manufacturing point of view it's more expensive to make a harness for each application. So I figured it was the same between both vehicles. A dealer or a garage with a Tech II may be able to fix the odometer reading.
  15. Imp558

    Installing A Regal Instrument Cluster in a Centruy

    That's an interesting one, if it's not a plug-in it's got to be close. And welcome to the community.