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  1. Do you have a 2.8 or 3.1? There’s isn’t a relearn procedure for the TPS sensor. The ecm will just start taking the data when the key is turned on. Re and re is very easy if you don’t line the sensor up to the throttle post it won’t go in; you can’t really screw it up. Make sure you clean the hole. The IAC valve has a relearn sequence.
  2. KYB is what most run. There’s not much in the way of anything better i think. Koni used to have adjustable rate shocks but I don’t think they’re made for us anymore. I could be wrong though.
  3. I've acquired a red1992 Pontiac Grand Prix SE 3.4 parts car with a 284. I'm really only after the engine, manual, + engine bay parts and some of the Interior parts (not parting with the OEM CD). If those of you with SE's or other Gen 1 GP's have parts needs let me know and I can check the condition and let you know the whats what. The Dash pad is no good and the car does not have HUD. The front and rear bumper cover and door side skirts are all in pretty good shape. Seats are cloth, dark grey (charcoal), the rear seat is a bench. Shipping could be a real bugger though as I'm in BC Canada.
  4. The 92 parts car I bought has a busted 284 in it. It seems to be stuck in 3rd gear. Not sure if that’s the end of the line for this unit or not. The selector is either very stiff or extremely sloppy. Once I get it on the bench i can give it a to open the case. Certainly do not have the specialized tools for that though.
  5. GTP091

    2006 grand prix gt overheating

    Distilled is ok. Deionized is what you should use. It's a bout $2 at the store for 4 litres. My local auto store only has deionized water beside the coolant jugs. I have not seen distilled there for years now.. If you get premixed this is already done but you can do cars for the same price if you mix it yourself. Never use rad stop leak to fix a leak.
  6. GTP091

    2006 grand prix gt overheating

    That’s also how I do a flush. I’m with trucker on the rad being the culprit. Rads are relatively cheap maybe the coolant went to long without being changed and he rad got nicely corroded up.
  7. GTP091

    Junk Yard Thread, Never ending

    Ugh. That’s kickin my ass seeing it and being so far away. My car has the dark grey up top but below hip height in the seat is all light grey. I’ve changed a few pieces over but still looking for the seats, consoles and carpet. Carpet I’m going to replace when I do the 5speed so that’s easy to get new. Will just have to keep searching. Unless digitaloitsider gets to it. The front console looks damaged in the pic.
  8. GTP091

    Junk Yard Thread, Never ending

    If it has the dark grey interior in it I need the font and rear center console from it.
  9. GTP091

    Calling all sunroof/moonroof owners!

    My sunroof is not an OEM part so cant suggest a fix for a factory piece. However I have had the headliner out to recover and it was surprisingly easy to get out and in without twisting or bending it, need to put the seats all the way down. The pain would be removing all trim pieces that hold it up. If you have some loose plastic bits up there that are rattling a nice bead of silicone would fix it up if you cant just replace a squashed seal.
  10. GTP091

    '91-96 GP headlight HID/LED light tutorial?

    Two solutions I can help for this. Easiest is twist the old halogens out and put sylvania silverstars in. You need to epoxy them in place. Clean the housing very well and use acetone to remove any oils. #s 9005 and 9006. I have these on my high beams. I have leds on my low beams and they are very bright. Same install twist out the old and epoxy back in. Don’t get cheap Chinese leds or you’ll be disappointed. You have to make sure the leds are aligned in the housing correctly so the beam is horizontal and not vertical. Also the housing needs to be in good shape if the miiroring is flaking off replace then. My opinion is the leds are much better than hid and halogen. I had a really good hid kit on my truck and switched back to silverstars. No matter how low I pointed the hids I still got flashed. The light on those is very diffused and scatters badly. They also require a ballast box which makes their install very annoying. And the ballast can quit just as the lamps themselves. Don’t go over 5k colour temp on the leds though.
  11. GTP091

    Junk Yard Thread, Never ending Salt Lake City. 1992 3.4 l GP SE.
  12. The special tool you would need is # 7 and what looks like the extension for it #5. Would be nice if your autozone place had these as it is a fine thread and 35 years of road grime have probably corroded the threads up. It was a tough turn to get mine off and the spring was removed and strut assembly off the vehicle. You could use the spring compressor in reverse to widen the spring to get a pipe wrench in there better as the others have suggested. This will take you about 5-6 beers to complete.
  13. GTP091

    91 vs 95 LQ1 Comparison

    thanks for posting those red 5speed shots, they'll be very useful in the future for my swap. Whats the status of the red 5 speed anyway? Is it a driver? hope this wasn't found at the JY.
  14. GTP091


    That's very weird as I've had 2 defective parts over the years and they took it back without issue. Electrical parts they wont touch for obvious reasons but mechanical should be no problem. I've spent over 2k with them fixing 4 different vehicles and they've been great every time.
  15. Do you think the bushing bracketry would bolt right up to a 91 GTP?? I'm fine with my rear bar but would be nice to pick one of these up if I came across it.