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LQ1 LIM Coolant Leak---again?!


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We have a similar law but they really enforce the antique plates older cars get here. If I ad antique plates on a car and couldnt prove i was driving to/from a show or mechanic then i get a ticket. They are also cracking down heavy on the red dealer plate cars that many of the the used car lots do for their families. Hell if I dont have insurance on my 1994 thats only going to be sitting this year I get a ticket for "failure to show financial responsibility". They run the VIN#s through a system now and you get a ticket in the mail. Its the biggest load of pigshit Ive ever heard of, well so far this year.

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I'm pretty much in agreement with Nas...I wouldn't pull the cam carriers and heads off of that LQ1 unless it became absolutely necessary.  There's way too much to deal with there, and a ton of genuine

If you take apart the heads on that LQ1, you're gonna have a bitch of a time putting everything back together. lol   Just get the felpro gaskets, and fix the oil pump drive while you're all taken ap

Well, now one of the bolts that holds the pulley on the water pump has disappeared...I'm assuming they're the same on the 3.1...lots of those in the junkyard!

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