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  1. rich_e777

    L82 upgrade options

    Theres not much you can do, ive got the same engine in my 1994 CS. One thing is going with a magnaflow cat converter and downpipe assembly coupled with a mandrel bent exhaust, if anything it`ll sound amazing. A true cold air intake system and not just a cone on the end of the factory tube, again wont do much 10 HP would be generously over estimating. Aftermarket ECU will more than likely leave you on the side of the road, there was another option for an ECU swap from an older W-body model that could be re-tuned but i dont know if anyone other than RobertSaar can do it. Save you money for a professional engine swap to a 3400 or even the L67 swap instead and enjoy the fuel economy in the meantime.
  2. rich_e777

    Fuel pump resistor/relay question

    You guys told me that would burn the pump up faster and to just replace the resistor.
  3. rich_e777

    34 mm away bar

    IIRC hes referring to the front sway bar found on the FE3 package. If you are trying to fit the thick rear sway bar from a 1.5 gen MonteLumina then you`ll need to swap to adjustable lat links and go coil over. The Z34 rear sway bar will push the wheel base out just a bit to far. It might install ok if it were bent inward about 2 inches but I didn have a torch or a strong enough ratcheting strap when the rear end was apart.
  4. rich_e777

    Good replacement pillar door handles?

    I thought only some models of the Cutlass Supreme got the lock illumination ring. To bad those arent replaceable, its one of my favorite things about the pair Ive got.
  5. rich_e777

    Rear seat removal?

    It looks like the same design for the Vert and coupe, Ive got the rear seat out of my 1994 and the 1995 Vert appears to be the same. At the top its just a metal bar that clips into the metal plate behind the seat, at the bottom of the rear section there might be a bolt on each side as there is a sort of metal bracket with a hole in it mounted to the seat section.
  6. rich_e777

    Rear seat removal?

    Was just back there detailing my `95 Vert, will take a look and get back to you. I know the rear section in the coupe version has two tabs on either side that slide into place so you`d have to lift up before they come loose. IIRC there was no screws or bolts but just a way to "clip" the section in.
  7. rich_e777

    Intake plenum cleaning

    Purple Power is relatively cheap and one can get a 2.5 gal jug for about $20 at Autozone. Fill up a plastic storage tote and toss the plenum, valve covers, brackets, bolts etc whatever metal pieces that have no electronics or bearings on it to soak over night. Worked fine for me but just make sure you rinse good. Simple green or the ZEP brand industrial degreaser at Lowes/Home Depot works good to the same way as mentioned.
  8. rich_e777

    Led replacement 1994 cutlass convertible

    IIRC only the resistance is reduced in an LED circuit so you should be ok to change out a few at a time, willing to accept being corrected here because IIRC.
  9. rich_e777

    Wanted- Cutlass Supreme 2D Valence/airdam

    Bump... Will settle for an asstastic Razzi kit to negate the need for one but well you know.... asstastic.
  10. rich_e777

    Wanted- Cutlass Supreme 2D Valence/airdam

    I dont think the sedans even had them, cannot recall and online pics dont really show. Hears the one on my 94 that transfers right over but I still need another good one. Driving without it makes the front end feel different at interstate speeds.
  11. Was driving the Vert and a truck in front of me lost a chunk of tire and I couldnt swerve to avoid it. Knocked the exhaust loose so the tailpipes are crooked and bent the black plastic valence/airdam on the front bumper cover. They are the same between coupes and Verts but not sure about the sedans. Ive not seen a 2D CS in awhile so if anyone happens to come across one let me know how much you want for it.
  12. rich_e777

    TGP Moving Sale

    TGP flavored beer cans do not appeal to me.
  13. rich_e777

    TGP Moving Sale

    I`d love to be able to buy everything and store it but I could just barely get to $3k and then not have anything left on the shipping. I`d love a TGP but dont need another project car, if you have one running driving good then I`d be interested in hearing what a fair price is from you for it. I could also really use a replacement 95-96 3.4 DOHC for when the one in the Vert is just to tired, would be interested in a price for it as well. You said make an offer but I dont want to insult you over making an offer relevant to the initial price of $2850 for everything. That`d seem like you was willing to take a few hundred to a thousand $ for the completed red TGP. I mean if you are then Hey I`ll wrangle me up a car trailer and put in for a road trip.
  14. rich_e777

    New member.

    No problem, ive got an extra front strut tower support bar that`ll bolt right on your 3 bolt front strut plates if you ever wanted to start modding. Its not a huge difference but it does make the steering tighter.
  15. rich_e777

    New member.

    To the best of my knowledge the 2.8 started the family of the FWD GM V6 60 degree family then we got the 3.1 MFI(Multi-port fuel injection) made about 140 HP, that was modified some and in 93-94 the 3100 L82 was introduced, makes about 160HP and is SFI(sequential fuel injection). At the turn of the century and closing of last millennium the LG8 3100 replaced the L82 3100. Only thing I know about the LG8 is that it shared more parts with the superior 3400 V6, which is nearly a direct replacement for any 3100. And has aftermarket parts available. Check out the 3100 wiki page for better info, one of the members here wrote that IIRC so its legit.