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  1. Thats pretty cool really, and would be a nice trunk light. I'm interested if no one else is.
  2. Thanks for the advice, Ive never seen one used before and given the length of chain that came with it that seemed the way. I`ll have to take some things off but theres two black metal pieces with loops in them I think I can use. I`ll take some pics before I get to far.
  3. I bought one of those HF 1000lb engine support tools for about $50 so I couldnt pass it up. I need to drop the subframe in the 1995 LQ1 Vert to get at a few things but I`m unsure where to hook the chains up to the engine/trans on the passenger side or front of the engine. On the drivers side it looks like I can route the chain around the trans casing its self but if someone knows a better way to go about it I`d appreciate the advice. Need to replace the R/P and fix the pressure sensor leak and harness, the rear subframe bushings are wobbly and I want to change the oil pan gasket while I`m down there.
  4. Post please, inquiring minds want to know, I thought they got the 3800 instead so I`m sort of wondering myself ATM.
  5. This is why my W`s are still in the driveway even if they arent the rare optioned ones. I think this thread and trips to the JY is the place I find the motivation to keep working on em. #NotMyJYCar, eh I just did a hashtag but haz no regerts.
  6. Its not just bullets that will be a threat but anyways... If this becomes an actual thing you may bring offerings of pizza rolls, beer or both to Tikaboo Peak. Theres a group that might be there to watch I thought about joining. Read up on the Mojave climate, people don't live out there for a reason.
  7. The people planning on storming the Groom Lake facility wont get to see the hangars with their own eyes. What are these people actually hoping to see? the new B-21 Raider bomber, SkunkWorks and PhantomWorks stealth transport/aerial refueling demonstrators, aircraft prototypes with different wing and fuselage shapes and in fun colors and some foreign aircraft for study. Its an aviation research and testing facility, not home to E.T. They might be found elsewhere in the world. "They cant stop us all" OMG yes they can. Especially since they can and will use lethal force, by law, once you cross a certain line.
  8. There are two different digital clusters they used and one really isnt worth it to install. Theres an ancient thread around here that discusses how to make an adapter harness with all the pinout info and I sort of made a diagram for my particular 1994 3100 CS to use that I can dig out and post a pic of that might help you out. If you didnt clip the harness out of the car with a legnth of wire you better get back there and get it. You will also need to break open an analog cluster to get the plastic connector as well if you want to build a harness without repinning your cars wiring harness. Heres Nate`s thread and its probably the best source of info for that swap.
  9. Just came across this thread again and was hoping that member was still around.
  10. 5347 is what I can discern from the black inner sway bar bushing and 5338 is what is on the red outer bushing. You may have to dig into those part numbers a bit to see what cross references as these were installed 7+ years ago and the ES bushing numbers changed since then to one that uses a decimal.
  11. What year and engine you got? IIRC they only had two options 28mm and 34mm, the LQ1 DOHC got the bigger bar. Not sure what size the smaller bar takes but I`ll check one of mine tomorrow. The poly ES bushing have the size pressed into the side of them.
  12. AZ brand AeroBlades snap right on the old peg locking system the CSs have just fine and if you keep the wipers clean with the rest of the windshield they will last at least a year. Dont get brave and try and put a larger blade on the other side. If they ever get tangled up its going to bend things that can only be found in the junkyard, and the wiper transmission system up under that cowling is most likely exclusive to just the W body Cutlass Supreme. But at least the 4 door model will fit the 2 door model! RainX blades either seem cheap Walmart crap or way overpriced AutoZone crap in either case they are a gimmick, just get the RainX glass cleaner in the yellow spray bottle and do the whole car after a good wash.
  13. Its exactly like you`d think to do it, no need to remove the bar. Clean the old bracket and hardware really good to get all the crud off the bolt threads and grease the bushing up before you bolt the bracket back down. I do believe unbolting the outer bushings first will make it easier.
  14. I`m all for planning something out but car stuff had to be put on hold to deal with things around the house and my work truck needs stuff as well.
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