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  1. Usually, if the LIM is leaking, careful inspection under the manifold will show coolant accumulating in the valley, like MenphisMan mentioned. Having suffered through a couple of those when I had my LQ1, I can tell you it’s usually pretty obvious, and not all that hard to if the area under the manifold is dry, you’re probably just fine.
  2. I’m beginning to really miss my LQ1 Cutlass...I’ve been to that’s about an hour and a half away from my house.
  3. Based on the plug wires and coil location, this is a ‘96 or ‘97.
  4. IIRC, you'll need a smallish Phillips screwdriver...
  5. I see the bolt hole for the cam position sensor, but no hole for the sensor.
  6. ‘96 is easy to spot, the plenum is a completely different shape. EDIT: Also, the '96-up has the ignition coils mounted on the passenger side of the plenum, instead of in front of the exhaust manifold, and a different style EGR, which is visible next to the intake, much like standard 60* V-6 cars... Yours is a pre ‘94 (no cam position sensor on the front head), but a ‘94-up valve cover. The MAP sensor on the passenger side rear of the plenum is a good sanity check, because ‘94-up don’t use a MAP.
  7. Generally, the ECM bumps up the idle when the compressor kicks on..what is your idle speed?
  8. In my opinion, it doesn’t need rings or bearings at 85k...
  9. I lost two timing belts on my '95 LQ1 Cutlass. One at idle in the driveway, and the second driving at 45 MPH. No damage either time...but plenty of colorful language.
  10. Sounds an awful lot like a badly aligned ignition switch, or a bad switch.
  11. It’s not bad at all. The only thing to be careful of is to drill straight, and don’t let the drill wander while you’re drilling, and be sure to use lubricant when you tap the hole..
  12. I've always wanted one...even though I already have my old Actron CP-9110, and that OTC-4000E... I seem to be collecting scantools--I'd love to find a good GM Tech 1 tool, too.
  13. Rich, I'll keep looking at junkyards around here, in case I run across any decent seals--but it's been a long time since I saw a Cutlass convertible in any of the yards around here.
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