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Actual Dyno CHARTS.


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you should be way higher than that for WHP.....I dyno'd bone stock and put down 125 and another local 95 GP w/ 3400 U/L intake swap put down 144ish....


something doesn't seem right....

That is true, But the HP curve is way flater in the top end vs. a near stock 3100, Looking at some of the older dyno charts i seen i have 130 HP at about 5750RPM vs. 100HP on a near stock 3100. So the peak may not be very impressive, But the curve is wayy better IMO. It does seem a little low to me also, But i am happy with the flater curve. That and i still need a downpipe. :willynilly:
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I bet w/ my manfold and 2.5" DP we would be a great race....

Yes! I agree, I would love to see that race. :high5:


Get a 2.5" DP before you tune....and you will be amazed....TRUST ME

Definetly, I seen the vid of your car after you installed the DP, And it seems about the same as my car with all my mods. I must get some exhaust work done sometime. :cool:
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My stock pull laid over my current pull. I have a custom front manifold and 2.5" DP for major mods so far.


This is computer corrected numbers for when the TQ is multiplying during accel







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it drops off a 6k because i was on a smaller ar turbine housing, but the turbo is fully spooled (19psi) well before 4k rpms, so yes im in boost for most of the run..



4th gear.


look at my old dyno a few up from this, same thing, the torque just keeps climbing,

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Here's mine for the 01 last year. 277whp and 284wtq Mustang dyno.

Mods:Topswap, GPS #1 cam, SSIC, 3.1 pulley, HAI, Pacesetters, 3" exhaust to 2 1/4 split thrush turbo mufflers, Crap tune, built trans.


Pretty hot in the building too.






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I know this thread has been empty for a long time but I just got my first dyno run in since getting the car. Wanted to post results to add to the collection.

'99 GTP, 78,xxx miles, ZZP CAI, ZZP 10.3mm Wires.



220 HP / 272 TQ

Hope to start making more soon! :)

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