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  1. Canada

    New w-body!!! Need advice.

    The reason it costs more is because you are typically replacing the upper pleumn. If you do have a big EGR port lower intake, you could swap to the new smaller port....but it IS pricey. The first upper lasts to a typical 100k miles.....the second should last just as long. Most people won't own a car that long. As far as Dex Cool goes.....use what it takes. Dex-Cool in any of my non leak prone vechiles is just fine.
  2. Canada

    rear end clunking

    The pads on the rear monoleaf spring are a major problem....
  3. Canada

    car races and stalls on cold start

    Sounds like it *could* be a vacuum leak.
  4. Canada

    Getrag 284 prices

    What kind of rpm range are you looking at?
  5. Canada

    Dex cool settlement

    Its been covered about a billion times............while Dex-Cool may not be the 'perfect' isn't the fault of cooling system leaks. Poorly designed gaskets and seals are.
  6. Canada

    Dexcool vs. "Green"

    BIGBULS had made a similar post about 1 billion times.
  7. Canada

    Dexcool vs. "Green"

    Whatever your car takes.....use! If its green, replace it every 2 years or 24k miles. If its orange, replace it every 5 years or 100k miles. In GM land most cars made the switch in 1996. Coolant needs to not freeze and protect metals from corrsion......I haven't see any form of tester that can test the second. A lot of people think Dex-Cool eats doesn't.......its just a shitty gasket. About the time they made the switch to Dex-Cool GM had a lot of new engines out....and most people link the new coolant to the shitty gaskets....when its just the shitty gaskets. Green 3100s leak just as often. None of the newer GM engines have the issues that the 3100s/3400s/3800s/4.3/5.7s do.......the 3400s in Equinoxs don't leak....neither do the 3500/3900s in the Impalas....or the 4.3 in base trucks. They have updated better designed gaskets.....all are rubber impregnated metal gaskets. About the only common leak prone part on new style engines is out the water pump's weep hole on Gen III/IV V8s.......and *I* think its because its the most active part of the system (it is the only moving part in the cooling system other than the thermostat). If you must switch make sure you get a complete flush (Wynn's has a good system outside of the additives)......don't let the two mix. The silicates in green coolant (remember, orange is silicate free and is an organic coolant) come out of suspension and tear up water pump seals.
  8. Canada

    LIM gasket replacement

    Another green verses DexCool debate?
  9. Canada

    Do Not buy AC Delco Battery

    Typically the only differences are if the grids are glued to the bottom of the case for a rough duty battery.....some add a salt tablet to the acid...helps with CCA. Other than minor changes....most are the least as far as the manufacture is concerned. Exide also makes the O'Reilly's Super Start.
  10. Canada


    To bad the Monte isn't made anymore. I really like my SS......even with the DOD, its mpg won't get over 20. If you are going to buy an Impala and don't plan on keeping it used...beware ex-rental cars though....they depricate a lot the first couple years.
  11. Canada

    Do Not buy AC Delco Battery

    In my experience, not so much the brand of battery.......more the TYPE of battery......side post verses top post. GM has been switching everything back over to top post batteries as new models come out. A side post battery just has a 3/8" nut brazed in with any amount of heat from extended periods of cranking will cause issues. Exide is the 3rd battery dad works for them. They not only make their own line.....but also others.....Wal-Mart, John Deere, and also some BIG ones for the name a few.
  12. Sounds like you could have something weird going on with your driveline angles. How much did this lower the car? Rules out tire balance and an alingment as they would create issues at higher speeds as well.
  13. I'm surprised the 215s were cheaper. 225/60/16 is the most common tire size ever! Impalas, Grand Prixs, Crown Vics.......cop car tires!
  14. Is the vibration matched to your vechile speed or to engine rpm?