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Actual Dyno CHARTS.


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Here are the data points I used from the 212 run (the lines were smoother)....

RPM Torque Power

2000 74 28

2100 128 51

2200 150 63

2300 151 66

2400 164 75

2500 164 78

2600 162 80

2700 160 82

2800 167 89

2900 177 98

3000 177 101

3100 171 101

3200 172 105

3300 175 110

3400 176 114

3500 180 120

3600 188 129

3700 199 140

3800 207 150

3900 206 153

4000 206 157

4100 208 162

4200 206 165

4300 204 167

4400 203 170

4500 203 174

4600 200 175

4700 202 181

4800 201 184

4900 206 192

5000 208 198

5100 206 200

5200 209 207

5300 210 212

5400 204 210

5500 199 208

5600 193 206

5700 190 206

5800 184 203

5900 178 200

6000 173 198

6100 171 199

6200 166 196

6300 161 193

6400 158 193

6500 154 190

6600 144 181

6700 132 168

6800 120 155

6900 107 140

7000 98 131




Based on that....shift...







Never drops below 165 whp. Still drops hard past 6500 rpm. Although it does have a broad midrange.

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Those are the charts for my runs, with what is now Tony's car, which were run at DynoPro in Denver, CO.


Find a dyno shop in your town or nearby, and they will typically let you have 3 runs for $50-$75, and they use a wideband O2 to monitor your A:F.


Pretty sweet Canada. It does have a broad midrange, I just wish the A:F would have stayed up after 6k, then it would have been a lot stronger. Oh well, we'll see after Tony gets it tuned, it should pull hard, with minimal dropoff, all the way to 7k, and even past.


Wow, looking at your numbers, it is great until 6600, and then it drops like a rock, losing 10-20whp for every 100rpm :oops:

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I am sorry guys...I completely forgot about posting my dyno sheet. Hopefully you can read it...if not I will rescan it and post a larger image! 8)


This one is from the first time I put it on the dyno in Denver at PFI.

I have since run it two more times. One at Bears with ClubGP and at a friends dyno in Denver. My numbers were only .5% different (Bears was .5% lower) between the run I did at Bears and the last run at my friends place.


My dyno graph follows the exact same rate of climb and descent at the exact same RPM points. 221hp / 280ft.lbs @ 3850 at Bears Dyno.



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So you ran 30whp higher, and more than 25wtq higher, with the exact same mods and you're telling me Bear's dyno didn't have any issues?


Right...30whp is A LOT.


btw, those air/fuel lines, shouldn't they be like, on the graph? lol, I bet you would have seen much better numbers with tuning. Also, why are the a:f's off so much? It is pretty close to stock isn't it? I would think it'd be close to dead on from the factory. But God, LOOK at that torque/hp at 4000, no wonder those things feel so fast!

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  • 2 weeks later...

I didn't see Aaron's reply till just now...anything he can do to say Bear's dyno was off and his #'s were closer to his "projected" 260whp just kills me!


Don't have to worry about that anymore now do we!?! :roll:

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  • 2 months later...

I went to the RMCGP dyno day today and put down some impressive numbers. Here are the two best runs


322.0 hp 349.4 lb-ft

324.9 hp 339.5 lb-ft


Torque peaks around 4500 rpm and horsepower is essentially flat from 4500 rpm to 7000 rpm.


Details- no cat, 10 psi, 12.5-13:1 afr, minor ignition retard, 91 octane pump gas, 157k mile stock engine.


I'll post pics today including one comparing my last run there to my new ones. I literally doubled my NA horsepower and torque at the wheels. From 3400 rpm (where the operator started the run) on up, I have more power than the old dyno. At 3750 rpm, I have more horsepower than I had at the peak of my old dyno.



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Guest TurboSedan

Tim i think you and i were the only ones there with a 660...both turbocharged at that :P your car sounds bad ass on the dyno! my brother got vids of your car with Dan's camera....hopefully Dan can post them online soon.


i put down 227whp/326wtq. i'll scan my sheet and post it tomarrow. damn that was fun :)

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Thanks! That was fun. I can't wait to do it again! Hopefully we'll see more 1st gen and 1.5 gen w-bodies next time.


Those are awesome #'s Josh. The torque is enough to be around the top 10 in the Grand Prix dyno list @ dynopro.com and the horsepower is nothing to sneeze at either! :twisted:


What was the highest w-body dyno of the meet?



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Guest TurboSedan

i think it was the dark red GTP that ran 2nd to last. i think it was intercooled, 3.0" pulley, headers, running nitrous and who knows what else :?: i think it put down 371whp. not sure whose car that was :shock: i think he dyno'd after you left Tim.

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Damn good job guys. I can't wait to bring my TDs to the dyno....I can't have all these local Ws kicking my ass now! Can't wait to see those vids Dan. If you want, I can have my brother convert them and put them on DVD. I'm pretty sure I got videos of Tim's, Dan's, and Josh's car from the front and back while on the dyno.

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