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    LQ1 3.4L DOHC V6 Timing Belt Change

    Here's the link to the timing belt change I did on 11 January, 2020.
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    jiggity76 comes through once again!

    My car has been missing this piece for as long as I and the guy before me have owned it. But today I got a "care package" in the mail from jiggity76 and inside was the moulding I have been missing and it is in WHITE. With about 20 minutes of my time disassembling and polishing, it's as close to NOS as a used piece is going to get. Now, a missing key piece to the car is in place.......
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    Vintage W-body photo thread - most pics fixed and lots of new pics

    Here is More Vintage W-body Photos that I been meaning to get myself to share
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    Guess who's back. Back again!

    Hey guys! Its been ages and I'm happy to see that the site is still around. I remember doing meetups back at Kensington Park in Michigan, and having a great time with some of you. After 2 years of the car sitting in my barn, I pulled out my 95 vert for some sun. Stupidly I've been only starting and running it every six months. The mice invaded over the winter and it's been an ordeal cleaning it up after they moved out. This virus shutdown finally gave me some time to spend with it. I'm smelling the mouse pee in there. I think I got most of the nests (lil bastards). Any tips would be appreciated. I've been told to use baking soda, carpet cleaner and vinegar. I may try them all lol. Now I have a list to problems to deal with, but I'm going to fix each one. It ran for a while then stopped. Now I cant get it to run. Fuse and fuel is ok. Mouse pee (see above) Brake line rot. Who needs to stop anyways lol. Thank goodness for the parking brake. Tires are shot. They had less than 4000 miles on them too . Gonna yank em off and take them to the tire shop for replacement Climate control fan is making a lot of noise. Maybe there's a nest in there I need to get out. It did clean up nice though. Even with a cover on it, the barn swallows had a field day.
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    1993 Cutlass Supreme

    Looks like I am back in the W body game. I am not new to the w body scene at all. I have had a few in my time. 1990 TGP, 2000 GTP, and a 1993 Z34. At the moment I have an 1989 Z24 powered by a TGP 3.1 turbo engine. But I am thinking of getting back in the game yet again. I got a line on a 1993 Cutlass Supreme. Very few details, but what I know is this. Its black with gray interior has 23,000 miles on it( yes that's not a typo). Been in Florida its whole life. Sitting in a parking garage under a car cover for the past 5 years. Only driven once a month up and down the garage. I live in Pa so rust free low mile W body is like the holy grail for me. No I dont have pics, but he tells me it's like new. But for the price I am paying for it and the while situation i cant pass this thing up. I should go to jail for this robbery lol
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    I suppose from a personally selfish point of view I'd prefer that we keep our *home* just as it is. What models GM has to offer today to me pales in comparison to what it used to make available a lifetime ago. The technology has advanced, but the fewer choices that the buyer has to select from rubs me the wrong way. GM killed off both the Olds & the Pontiac marque just because they were not marketed on a global scale. I've never forgiven the upper echelon for doing that. If that reasoning was to stand why didn't they drop either the Chev or GMC truck line?...why are 2 lines needed?....when was last time you saw or heard of full sized trucks being exported overseas to Europe or Asia? In my past visits to either Britain, Poland or Germany I've never seen a GM truck being marketed there at all.....and you won't, not given the lack of fuel economy they deliver that doesn't meet the needs over there. The Pontiac brand was supposed to be the *sports* oriented division of the lot, so much for head office waving the *Excitement* banner.......the yearly Carlisle event (what used to be known as the GM Nationals) is now the Chevy Nationals, Chevrolet wouldn't sponsor the show unless the name was changed to Chevy.... another strike.....the show is now boycotted by many of the Pontiac & Olds owners for this reason, for those who own or want to own a W-body, they know where we are & the doors are always open...... Nope, I like things just the way they are.....
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    My Impala Got Hit!

    Sunday around noon, I was coming home from church when a drunk driver rear-ended a Jeep behind me, propelling it into the back of my Impala. It tore off the rear bumper and mashed in the trunk lid and trunk tub. After I pulled over, I found my license plate under the front wheel of the pickup truck that had caused the accident. Thankfully, no one was hurt, not even the drunk. Amazingly, my car was the only one involved that left the scene under its own power. There was no damage to the suspension and it drove and handled just as it had before the accident, albeit with a few more rattles. Nonetheless, it's teetering on the bubble of being totaled. My insurance company is calling in a third-party appraiser to make the final call. With that in mind, I started looking at used cars on last night, just to see what was available in my area and at what price points. I started out looking at Malibus and Impalas and was disappointed to find that everything with an affordable price had a ton of miles on it and lower mileage cars were priced considerably higher than I was comfortable paying. I was about to close up my laptop and call it a night when I decided to look at Buicks, in particular the Buick LaCrosse. Imagine my surprise when the first listing was for a 2013 model that Edmunds identified as a "Great Deal" at $2,300 below market. It was the only "Great Deal" I looked at all night. The car looked pristine as the CarFAX report and while eating breakfast this morning, I gave the dealer (an independent in a small town about an hour north of me) a call and decided it warranted a visit, even though I didn't have the final word from my insurance company. Seeing, as they say, was believing and although I didn't intend to do it, I ended up buying the car. It was a bird in the hand that I didn't want to let go of. If the Impala is totaled, which my gut tells me it is, I'm a step of the game, having already replaced it. If not, the insurance company can pay to get it fixed and I'll sell it. Either way, it's a win for me, moving up two model years and back 30,000 miles from the Impala. The ironic thing is my mother has a 2013 LaCrosse also. Hers only has 6,800 miles on it.
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    Wheel center caps

    Just a photoshop for now, but I did order some of these off ebay. I've always thought it would be fun to run these, kinda mimic the '88 Cutlass convertible pace car. The red version of these are easier to find but didn't think they'd look right on my car!
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    Hi there! I'm new to the W-body platform

    I recently purchased a 1992 Buick Regal Limited 3800 with a scant 79,000 original miles from a local scrapyard. It has a few small dings, but no rust whatsoever. I'm used to old Audis, so this is WAY out of my wheelhouse haha. What are the common problem areas? Can it be lowered without sacrificing the ride quality too much? Pics of it on my Facebook page
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    hello everybody

    Beat them without mercy with the old timing belt? Awesome to see new members trickling in still rocking the 3.4 DOHC.
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    New guy from Belgium

    Hi, my name is Tim and for about a year or so I've been a proud owner of a 1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme that's been passed onto me. I live in Belgium and the car is in Poland for the moment but that's another matter. I had always wanted an American car, maybe the Olds isn't what the average teenager dreams of but these cars are very rare in Europe so I'm happy with it. The Oldsmobile make is almost unknown in these parts, so it adds to the curiosity factor. There are however problems with rarity - the first one being spare parts. The second issue is finding people with enough knowledge to be able to diagnose a problem or recommend any change - that is how I found this forum, I've already found a few useful posts. I hope that one day I'll be able to contribute to this forum to respond in kind.
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    Restoration project...

    So it has been a long time since I posted here.... and Shawn ( @GnatGoSplat) probably thinks I’m crazy for starting this project, but... Yesterday I rescued my 1993 Cutlass Supreme Convertible from what used to be a lumber yard in Byhalia,OH where it had sat for almost exactly 11 years ( it was parked there in October, 2008 ). I am in a bit of damage/deterioration determination mode at the moment. When she was parked, the motor was partially disassembled, so obviously there is some work to be done under the hood. The drivers side window was broken at some point, so that will need to be replaced, and at this point I don’t know if any of the interior parts have damage that needs to be repaired or replaced due to the layer of dirt and dust and other debris I still need to clean out of the car. Getting her up on the trailer ( and back down again ) was fun... the passenger side rear wheel isn’t spinning. Surprisingly, all 4 tires took air, though the drivers side front would only hold it about an hour. Passenger side front was better. It took 12 hours before it went flat.... Next task is to look through the pile of parts ( and repair manuals ) I put in the trunk all those years ago... I need it clear so I can see if the top still works....
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    Hello, friends!

    Don't necessarily agree with that.....the LQ1 doesn't sip fuel, it will chug-a-lug it.. keep your foot out of the oilpan and it will provide somewhat modest fuel economy.........but the engine does have it's own unique howl
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    Hello, friends!

    I would love to hear from anyone that had the 3.4 DOHC engine, that was a "black sheep" for us mechanics but the fuel economy and WOT scream wouldn't be beat!
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    Jackson Gay

    My 1994 Olds Cutlass Supreme Convertible

    Hi everyone, I’m happy to be in this group. Here are a few pictures of my car. We’ve painted it and had a new top installed but interior is original. Pretty good shape for 175 dollars running and driving.
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    Hello All W-Body members

    Hi all. Hope we all had good holidays. I have not been on here in awhile. I work too much. I must say that W-Bodies are scarce in my area. Makes me sad. I miss my Cutlass. Last year I sold my 90 ScottsDale after NY killed the frame. My garage space is taken up by 2 Caddys. Still old school. The cream one is supposed to be my DD but I have a winter rat so I park it when I can. The Red one is a garage queen. Even these are getting difficult to find. I just refuse to buy newer. Since I retired my 94 Cutlass Supreme I have not found not one other. I had left phone number on 2 other that were driven locally in my area but both were driven into the ground and later found in my local yard. I will still try and lurk here to help our fellow members. Life gets crazy. I am sure we all know.
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    My 1994 Olds Cutlass Supreme Convertible

    How in the world did you get it for that cheap?
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    Nah. I don’t mind being helpful or people getting help but that defeats the purpose. I think that’ll kill our numbers because there will be even less users per topic as I don’t think many will migrate anyway. Just my .02
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    My concern is with diluting the W-body content. We're here because we want to specialize in W-body; losing that specialization would eliminate any reason for me to log on. The newest vehicle I own is a 2003; GM has probably lost me as a customer until that vehicle won't run reliably because they've decided to follow political correctness or crazy styling instead of building stuff I want to buy. There's not a car in the stable that I have any real interest in. Pretty-much the same with the trucks. If you need the tailgate to multi-function as a step ladder...the truck isn't designed for use, it's designed to "look mean". I don't need that. Linking to other GM platforms would be a total waste of bandwidth for me. I'm already on forums that specialize in other GM brands; what they have in common in that there's little content for newer crap. It's all Chevy-Pontiac-Olds-Buick-Cadillac pre-1999; and in most cases largely pre-1980. "Global personal transportation" and "alternative powered vehicles" are "politically-correct JUNK", and that is what I DO NOT WANT.
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    What’s up from FL

    Welcome to the forum. Nice looking ride. Please post pics of the interior when you get a chance. What engine do you have in it?
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    Many thanks.

    Have had my one owner, garage kept 95, DOHC CSS vert for a couple months now. Had some trepidation about buying it with the bad rap the DOHC has. Previous ride was 95 Olds 88 with NA 3800. Was a great ride. Strong runner even with 265k on it. I put over 100k on it. It had its problems to but just knuckled down and fixed them. But I digress. This site has helped me realize my purchase was a good one. The DOHC can be a pain but I’m willing to deal with it. Car is absolute hoot to drive. Needless to say, handles better than the 88. Get lots of complements at gas stations. I’ve yet to see another one here in Austin. Thanks again for all the help.
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    LQ1 common oil leak areas

    That alloy cover in the middle of the valley is the Oil Distribution Cover. Within that assembly is a passage & check valve that opens & closes under different pressure situations. It's purpose is to (when engine running/open) supply a route for oil pressure to the heads, when engine off/closed it prevents the engine oil in the heads from draining back down into the block/oilpan. There is a gasket beneath it.
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    .........My 93 Cutlass Convertible......

    hello All It's been a few years, my last visit to this forum was 4 yrs ago, I owned a 95 vert then I got myself another convertible, very clean one...I've had it for about 2yrs now This one is a 93, super clean no rust at all compared to my 95 I had, elderly couple owned and as much as I hate the LQ1 engines, I think its the car good looks that keeps drawing me closer to them how I wish we could fit a trusty V8 iron in these cars I haven't done much to this car at all, compared to my previous 95 where (George from the forum here) and I did some work on our cars few years ago I did however modify the stock air box to improve flow, I took out the driver side high beam out and shaved off a few inches off the air box to align it closer to the high beam hole, car looked like it was missing a tooth so I took the other high beam out, which im hoping should help engine heat feel a bit more warmer
  24. 3 points

    Lumatic Rides Again!

    I'm back and ready to restore my Z-34, again! I'm looking for advice on the following: 1. Where to find hard to find parts. 2. Interior restoration. The Florida sun has destroyed mine again. 3. Repair suggestions. 4. etc. If anyone has any suggestions on where I can start, please let me know. Lumatic
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    cheatah faheatah

    hello everybody

    Time for some new friends............
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