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    New member

    Just joined the forum thought I’d introduce myself. I bought a 94 Grand Prix GTP the other day. Needs some love but I really like it.
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    Doubling Down on W-bodies

    I suppose this would fall into the category of a re-introduction. I joined a few years ago when I acquired my 2011 Impala LT but haven't been around in awhile. A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled upon a 1995 Cutlass Supreme convertible in surprisingly good condition for what I felt was a reasonable price, so I decided to pull the trigger. I've always wanted a convertible and I have fond memories of a 1991 Cutlass Supreme coupe I'd had about 20 years ago, so this felt like a natural fit. The car arrived Monday evening and after registering it yesterday, I took it out for an inaugural drive. The 3.1L engine is definitely not the most exciting thing ever put under a hood (I really wish Olds had offered a 3800 in the W-body Cutlass) but it's more than adequate for cruising around on pretty days, which is about all I intend to use the car for. To be sure, the car is not without its blemishes and there are some minor issues that need attending to, but for its age and almost 120,000 miles on the odometer, it's a gracefully aging survivor. I'm looking forward to having fun driving it and fixing it up.
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    Mach 5 2019 Calendar Submissions

    Mach 5 TGP coming back for 2019! gtx3582r LG5 Triple R Motors it crawled out of a swamp first time in years!!!!
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    New member

    Hello Rob. Beautiful car you bought. A member saw this car for sale and there was conversation about it on the site before you bought it. I'm glad you joined. I looked at the CL add, but don't remember how many miles were on it. It would be a great if you started a separate thread in the "Member's Rides" section of the forum so we can learn all about your car. You'll learn so much about your car on this forum.
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    New member

    What's the story on the 1973-74 Chevy?
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    limited edition cutlass 94

    New member

    hello everyone, my name is rob, a newbie here just bought this limited ed. cutlass supreme conv. in amazing condition and loaded except heads up. i know how many in this color combo thanks to someone on this site(393) anyone know why and how many limited edition were made.
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    Submitted my favorite photo of my fuzzy dice machine.
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