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  1. what we doing!!!???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  2. any strip is better than no strip.. long island us to be king of racing.... now we have self entitled nutbags that don't like noise. 4 hours out off the island is e town.. well that's gone too. so we have atco. that's a drive. so just be happy you have something
  3. still not sure Im going to have a car ready. Im trying.. but big turbos no good for auto x. that's why they make corollas... lol Im going to say lets just chill... wherever.. just not somewhere seedy where "yall softer than cupcakes" is a common statement. my vote. Toledo. want to go drag racing.. go to Milan. doesn't Erie have a track? Im cool for just chillin.. eatin breads and desserts getting all fat n sassy.. just make a date and location soon so I can get it on the calendar this year. my 2 cents thanks -Jarek
  4. hopefully I remember to send you some tomorrow.. ^^^this is good stuff 1 album dedicated to lifelong algae infested w-body's lol
  5. yeah ill send you some. I have to dig them out. -Jarek
  6. happy to see this still going. I just noticed the post prior was 7 years ago. We've (chevy buick dealer) had the stock plastic manis here explode even without boost. as well as leak. just be careful but you already know that. Good turbo for this. nice downpipe -Jarek
  7. This car has been through hell and umm... hell. heres one like circa 2007 or something. was my moms car since new September 15 1989.. the 88 got stolen this one was the replacement. which got broken in to in the lot before delivery. I was born on the 18 that month and year.. this car took me home. I went from the back seat to the front seat to the driver seat. was the first car I ever turbod and manual swapped. at one point in time its new home was almost at the junk yard but I got talked out of it.. had money issues and was just frustrated. college lyfe... on the eve of xmas 2010 that was the last time my mother was in this car. the oil line broke getting on to the Wantagh parkway leaving the 2 of us stranded. after fixing the oil line the engine had a knock. it was done. it sat after that. in 2012 my mother passed away. she never got a chance to ride in the car again. so I make it a point to keep it the rest of my life. Its sentimental. .... in I believe it was 2014 got it running again made for some decent footage and while racing a mustang 5.0 and a Ferrari.. not sure of what model. cylinder #5 valve broke locking the engine up. its sat ever since that day.. finally dug it out. and that is why I decided to post the picture. here. its only fair that I submit a picture in its worst shape to show that even when its lacking its former glory it is still a piece of history. -Jarek
  8. well if you knew the history of the Mach 5 you would understand why it should be in the calendar. Nas Escobar.. but with a comment like that. you don't. no worries its going for paint as soon as the Starion comes back from paint.
  9. I need ac lines for the 1989 Pontiac.Grand Prix send me message if you have them. I need the hard lines basically the whole setup minus the evaporator. any brackets, wiring ends, hard lines, soft lines.. dryer. everything that runs to the condenser and evaporator. Thanx -Jarek
  10. Mach 5 TGP coming back for 2019! gtx3582r LG5 Triple R Motors it crawled out of a swamp first time in years!!!!
  11. I love my Birchmount.. dunno why you guys are complaining about the price though. you cant find anything for these cars.. Id be just happy its offered. Mine sits very low but its tight. lube the ends before install and it wont be noisy. nice and tight handling. Ive had both coilovers and leaf springs.. I prefer the leaf much better.
  12. you know how many years ive been looking for seats? desperately need
  13. Long Island. Id have to drive all the way north west. normally that's not an issue. but with everything going on here.. its an issue at this time. always a bad time for something like this.. a year from now Id be jumping all over it.
  14. id take the black one if the price is right. tough for me to swing though.
  15. im like 10hours.. away. and no way to pick up any of it. sadly. miss my red tgp. no sure how much he wants. and what is needed to get it running.
  16. Al Thank you for setting this up for everyone. sadly for me. I got my work schedule and I cant make it. not enough advance notice. which is why I was being a pita about this meet hoping plans would be set earlier. anyways thanx again and hopefully everyone has fun!! -Jarek
  17. I have never seen a bearing on the bottom. but on the top. grease them up. so long as they are seated you wont have an issue. the one major issue with the w-body is lack of travel when lowered. so long as you have a short stroke housing which im sure they offer for the gen2 they may even be shorter to begin with you wont have an issue... good stuff
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