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Anyone here installed a wideband o2 sensor using the stock ECM and tuning?


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After some help, I am finally going with a burner/emulator from moates.com.


I have also read about using a wideband o2 sensor for increased reliability and feedback, etc. Better resolution.


Has anyone here done this before? Which wideband o2 do you recommend?

Is it computable with the stock ECM single wire input as long as it is tuned?


I am planning on buying a 2 pod pillar and instating a turbo gauge and a air/fuel gauge.


I have found many different wideband sensors and controllers from different suppliers, and Everything seems very similar to me, I'm just not sure if there is a specific one or something unique I would need.


I'm just not sure if it is worth it to go wideband with a stock ECM, because the ECM still has to read the single wire input, from an adapter controller.

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Big name widebands would be innovate, aem, plx. I have an innovate lc-1 with xd-16 digital gauge and its been solid for the 3 years ive had my car.

Wideband gauges are more so used so that you can see your a/f ratio to give you an idea of whats going on which is obviously useful when tuning

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anyone interested in some innovate widebands brand new unopened boxes or used, PLEASE take these off my hands. I will give good deals.


Sell me. Just got my 1990 TGP running with the stock calibration. Seems to run fine in the garage. Won't have out until warm weather. What will a wideband do for me with the stock calibration?

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I always sit there and wait for the car to warm up in park. I won't take off until it reaches 14.7. then I can see when somethings wrong and fueling is screwed up. It will show you right there. helps you to see what the sensor is doing in all types of diagnostics. you learn how the car fueling works and a better idea of how rich it is at part throttle and WOT.



Anyone wants one PM me Ill tell u what I want then make me a offer worst I can say is no

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