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Finally got around to opening up my 1994 Cutlass Supreme convertible with the infamous 3.4 DOHC engine. The engine had a sound like Spike Jones Band coming from the front of the engine. And as suspected it was the timing chain tensioner failure. Luckily about 2 years ago I obtained the tool set for this engine on Ebay for only $49.00. As this car has only 64k miles I was really disappointed. I do my repairs and I firmly believe that the engineers who designed the engine were on crack.

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Actually, the LQ1 has BOTH a belt, and a chain...the chain is under the timing cover, and runs from the crank to the shaft that actually drives the belt....but at 64K, I suspect what they are describing is the hydraulic actuator that provides tension for the timing BELT, rather than the one for the chain. I replace that actuator at each belt change...which unfortunately has meant two actuators in the past 35,000 miles.

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I replace that actuator at each belt change...which unfortunately has meant two actuators in the past 35,000 miles.


at least when the zombie apocolypse happens, you'll have spares. i don't think the zombie USPS would be very reliable.

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They're already somewhat hard to source. The plate with the bushing that holds it in place is already almost impossible to find. Unfortunately, the two actuators I've pulled off the car, one is the one that was on it when I purchased the car..while it was functioning, I have no idea as to how old it is, and the second failed after only 30,000 miles. I really should get another actuator ordered, to go along with my pile of parts. Ain't LQ1's fun? :dance:

There'll be a day in the near future when that part will be made of unobtainium.
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I was under the impression the spring provided the tension, and the oil acted like a hydraulic jack, preventing the actuator from retracting easily.

Nope. The actuator is easily retracted by turning the screw under the rubber cover. The oil is for lubrication of the guts inside.

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96 Pontiac gtp

I know this post is old but I'm having a hard time finding the hydraulic tensioner for the timing belt (LQ1 3.4 dohc) Can anyone tell me were I can purchase one? It would be greatly appreciated. 

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1st post?


good question.......answer is the tensioner is not hydraulic, it is mechanical, and they are rare as hen's teeth now. You will have a somewhat difficult time finding a new one.

But all is not lost, they generally don't wear out unless the internal spring fails, they can be reloaded after being removed from the engine so they can be reused again.

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On 11/22/2013 at 2:31 PM, reddroptop said:

The part that failed was the TIMING CHAIN TENSIONER!

These are still available.  Part #10110596.  Hope this helps.



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96 Pontiac gtp
12 minutes ago, 55trucker said:



the tensioner is mechanical, not hydraulic

Oh cause descripsion reads "Does not come with cam. tensioner hydraulic assembly" in all timing kits

Gates Timing Belt Kit
Gates logo Gates Timing Belt Kit Click to Enlarge
(Read reviews)
Our List Price:$121.43
(3) In Stock
Part Number: 4724-05593233
Notes: PowerGrip Premium OE Timing Belt Component Kit -- Interference engine application; Does not include cam. tensioner Hydraulic assembly
Condition: New
Contents Belt, Tensioner, 2 Idlers
Shipping Options:
 This Part Fits: Catalog: B
Vehicle Engine
1996 Pontiac Grand Prix 3.4L V6 GAS 
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