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This Is How To Fix Horn Pad With Radio/Climate For 89 Thru 93 Cutlass Supremes

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I have a 93 Olds Cutlass Supreme Convertible that has the type of steering wheel that contains the radio and climate controll functions. The horn pads on these types of steering wheels alre well known to wear out and the horn will start beeping even when your not hitting the horn button. Most people just pull the fuse and that's it. Well, I have found a solution to this problem. The problem is that in between the horn contacts on both the left and right side of the steering wheel have this piece of material which is like a cardboard like material which compresses and literally crumbles away. When this happens, the horn contacts come in contact with one another and as a result, the horn starts beeping on its own. Well here is the fix...

1) Remove the horn pad

2) Pull back the left and right side of steering cover

3) Bend the contact pins straight and remove contacts

4) Go to your parts store and by a cork gasket making material. The type you would make your own gaskets out of

5) Trace your old pad onto the cork material and cut out

6) Reinstall the contact, contact cover, and horn pad


Its a perfect fix. If you have any more questions let me know. I can also email pictures as well

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Hello, I have this same problem and I followed Petes93cutlass directions and I am still having the same problem.  My name is Courtland I am trying to contact Peters93cutlass for the pictures to be emailed to me, my email address is if anyone know how to get in contact with him please have him to email me as I would like to chat with him about this matter at hand.



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