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Parts Galore Price List

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Prices as of August, 2009. Prices are the same for both locations. I will try to update this thread when prices change.


Word to the wise, often it is very easy to get away with telling the cashier that the part you want is something else. Or sometimes your item isn't on the list, so they make up a price. Generally they don't bargain with set prices but it is very easy to walk out with your wallet full. IE-I had a wheel barrow with pretty much every part for a manual transmission car and then some. I paid $169 for what could have been close to $500 if you added it up via the price sheet. A few years ago I was buying full 96-97 3.4 Intakes (everything from the heads up) for $60.


FWIW: Credit cards and debit cards have to be matching to your exact name on your license. I think they also charge 2% transaction fee for credit cards. They also charge environmental fees and offer 30 day guarantees. All cars are drained of fluids, oil pans/trans pans punctured, gasoline drained, catalytic converter removed, etc.


Parts Galore I:

11360 East 8 Mile Road

Detroit, MI 48205-1073

(313) 245-2944

Google Maps Link

This location is the original one and always more busy, mostly because it's off of 8 mile and isn't as 'scary' for suburbanites to go to.


Parts Galore II:

5970 Warren Avenue West

Detroit, MI 48210-1117

(313) 245-2944

Google Maps Link


I've never tried to call either yard, and in the past finding any number was damn near impossible. They do not keep an electronic inventory of cars.



















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Yeah these guys are waaaay more expensive with most parts than the yards here in Central Virginia. The only downside is most of the cashiers know their shit so you can't say one thing is another. However, it's really easy to go in with fried electronics and go out with good ones while paying nothing. ;D

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Haha, I just noticed this thread, I'm on the one on Xceed that took those pics. AFAIK, those prices are still current. I havent noticed them alter the boards in a while. These pics were taken right after they did raise/change prices though.

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