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The windshield pillar weatherstrip would have to be reproduced in addition to the top header seal in order for the later parts to work on an older car. I don't know whether there were any changes in the windshield reveal mouldings at all (the black painted parts, to clarify) but if there were that could cause issues.


I hope that all seals mount the same way, such that the later seals could be replaced as a set on the earlier top frames and windshield frames. We'd just have to compare them side-by-side. I wonder, though, why Metro would worry about having to make 3 different sets if any one set could be substituted in for the others (i.e., the only thing different between any year is the soft seal itself). It's not like people are doing concours restorations on these things at this stage.

so... I need to compare the top of my 93, 92, and 91 to get the "hard part same or not answer? I'll do that ASAP. whioch means in july of 08 or soemthing... since the cars are scattered in different locations. :P

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You have the unique position of being able to directly compare all 3 styles. But I think the part you'd have to look at would be under the strip, so you'd have to remove it in order to compare.


If you have a spare set of seals and a car that isn't being driven AND the car and spare seals are of mismatching styles, you could test-fit the compatibility.


Maybe the reason Metro wanted donor sets to compare was to determine the compatibility that we're discussing now.

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Hi, new to site, trying to restore a 1994 CS conv. 3.4 and want to get new weatherstripping too. As with most my rear window sweeps are missing chunks, I can't believe no one is making this stuff. They made enough of these cars to make it profitable I would think. I contacted GM to see if the company that originally made these still had the molds, waiting for reply.

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I have been thinking (scary, I know). These seals all seem to be the same stuff over and over. I have looked at many different parts sites for this stuff and they all have the same thing. It looks like this:




From JC Whitney.


Now, I know that there are other pieces in there like the top corner of the A pillar. That is a very specific piece. (luckily mine are excellent). Now, if worse comes to worse on those, I would go in with the form a gasket type stuff to fill in on that. However, the top seal all the way around seems to be the same. The only difference being that the glass has pressed in on the side pieces, making a groove and the header has pressed it flat across the front. Otherwise, the screw sets are the same, the texture and flexability of it is the same. I don't need new seals, but I would be willing to bet that to fix this you can get the generic stuff and run that all the way around. At the points where you have to cut do to the folding, we would have to discuss how that happens to maintain continutiy of the seal. The pieces that are on our vehicles appear to be finished ends. However, we will be cutting these to length, so we would need to find a way to finish the ends properly. I am sure we can come up with something there.


Just wanted to get my brain wrapped around this one a little.

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Any word on the weatherstrips? I am in bad need of the outside rear quarters as is just about everyone else it appears. I had contacted Metro myself a while back to see if there was some standard type of weatherstrip that could be used to repair these and received the following:


>Are their any "generic" weatherstrips available by the foot that fit

>these cars?


It's possible we have something that might work, but we're

not sure we have what you need, as we do not know what

the original profiles look like.


If you can send us a sample, we will take a look to see if

it matches anything we have.



P.O. Box 48130

Minneapolis MN 55448


Make sure you include your daytime phone number.


The problem there is, you must compromise your current

seals to get us samples, and, it's possible we will not

have what you need.


Thanks for your interest in Metro!


The small problem is that, while they aren't in wery good condition, I'm using the only ones I have.

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No one makes them, no one is interested in making them either. Ebay for good used ones and the occasional NOS part priced like gold is all you will find. 

Contact Steele Rubber products and make an official request to their R&D dept, thats about our only hope of anyone making them if they get enough people wanting to buy.

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Just sent Steele Rubber Products an email asking about this.  I  have a 1992 and 1993 that could use new top seals.  Both have new tops but gaskets have shrunk and seeing if they are ever going to make these.  Offered to take mine off and send it to them if they want me to.....

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