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paint repair, before after, lots of photos

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in 1992 my cutlass was repainted under warranty. Well the a**holes that did the work didnt bother to remove the trim around the doors and when they painted the paint got stuck to the rubber trim. as the rubber aged, dried and contracted over the years, it pulled the paint off around the doors until i couldnt take it anymore. I got in touch with automotive touch up and ordered primer, paint and clear then I went to town. I spent 4 days on it, mainly waiting for paint to dry. It looks pretty darn good for $40 worth of materials but if I had taken it to a body shop I would be let down by this. I am not a painter lol.


The car had been missing paint in some areas for many years, the issue






Starting the tear down and old paint removal, i used a razor blade and 600 grit sand paper





covered everything, and the paint dust from over spray did collect everywhere



I went over board, did about 5-6 coats of primer and sanded it with 600 girt as per the instructions send with the paint




Then came several light then medium coats of color, I sanded around the 4th coat with 600 grit again, then added two more coats










Then I started on the clear coats and man I thought I was messing up bad with this. Just remember resist the temptation and only sand the last coat of clear




This is what you get, then get on it with 2000 grit sand paper as per the instructions and rubbing compound



this is were I stopped with the sand paper



after some work it seemed to match the car pretty good






Then It was time to put it back together, I found a car in the yard 80 miles away that had better trim than my car so I drove out got it and now it was time to install









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cans, i dont have a spray gun but i may look into it, the roof has some issues i wouldnt mind fixing but thats a huge project for cans, my rule is if I cant hit the entire area with the spray pattern from the can in a single pass then I wont do it. Like I said im not that good. But I may have an 2000 intrigue to practice on soon.

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Nice, you are inspiring me to repair my damaged peeling roof clear coat. Already bought the masking paper and deciding on factory color of begin the transition to flat black with custom designs. Going to redo the rear wing first, then maybe the trunk lid because I can remove it. Trying to get 21 year old dealership sticker off and its got rust spots on the edges underneath.


Ive come across some old paint guns I`d like to use if I go with aqua metallic and clear but for flat black I like the quality of Valspar exterior flat black rattle cans. Rustoluem was fading and chipping on me but the Valspar armor on my front bumper is holding up nice. Sprays awesome, didn't have a single issue unlike those horrible dupli-color cans.

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their price for cans where very good it was approximately $47 shipped for primer base and clear and its a damn good match to the 23 year old paint on the roof. I was not looking to respray the whole car myself lol. I am sure there are better deals to be had on the internet.


As for the trim pieces, its all about patience and time. there are a bunch screws, some are hidden, you have to remove the weather striping to get to a lot of them, and the mirror and cover plate behind to the mirror on the front. The backs are easier than the front. be careful doing the job at a junk yard, you need to be able to get the windows down. I didnt want to smash the windows on the car I got my trim off of so i spent the time to take the door and window regulators apart. Its a 3 hour job when you cant roll the windows down, maybe a 45 min job to take your time and keep everything nice on your car at home.

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I am surprised you removed the trim. I would just tape it of really well, and hope for the best. If you accidentally cracked a piece of that trim it would take a while to track down a new one. I hardly see any Ws 1996 and older around in the yards anymore.

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I already had the replacement trim. Not Removing the trim in the first place in 1992 is what caused the issue. I made sure I had my ducks in a row before doing the job. I found another 90 international a yard about 80 miles away. The outside was in great shape and a dead on twin to my car. The interior was black/gray cloth and mine is burgundy leather so that was a shame cause i would have just taken everything. took a bunch of tools and practiced on a cutlass sl that had the chrome trim so I could learn the details there and not screw up the rest.


I had a long drive that day and did a lot of work but the trim was worth it, took all of it. Makes mine look better and it lives inside now so hopefully that will slow down the aging.

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