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cut and buff

Garrett Powered

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my bad it was 6". and I measured a 2000 grit pad and it was 5 3/4", but I was thinking that I should of edited that post and sure enough, it was too late :lol:.


here is the stuff I used:



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kind of. I was getting too much arthritis before that from playing way too much basketball. but I am getting better now that I can crack my neck and lower back and right hip. It wouldn't be happening without that lift, let me tell you. I was also getting tennis elbow real bad before I found a stretch that made the cramping stop. that started after painting the car. It is really a lot of sanding. just doing the 1200 and 2000 with the DA recently was enough to make one or two of my fingers on my right hand stay numb for several days.


the car still has to be wet sanded some more now that I look closer, and I need to finish it with 3000 afterwards because the 2000 is too hard to buff out.

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