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Steering Wheel Peeling?

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Problem is though, these steering wheels aren't really leather. (Well the one I'm referring to anyways). I'm not sure what it's made out of, but it's not real leather like the one pictured in that link.

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Mine is (apparently) leather. However the concepts (if not the materials) may still be applicable. Some of what has already been discussed here is similar to the website link. What kind of material do you really think it is? All of my Cutlasses had leather, and so does my Regal (except for the sides where it is nerf ball like rubber.

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My steering wheel is starting to do this as well. I think it's more like pleather. On our 87 Cutlass we have the stock rally steering wheel which is leather wrapped. It's got 160,000 miles of hands on time and it isn't flaking apart. It's just dirty in some spots.

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I mine has the colour coming off on the bottom but given how squashed the drivers seat is, I have to assume the prior owner was lets say on the heavy side and the wheel rubbed on his legs. The rest is just dirty. A local car interior guy said a cleaning an some dye may fix it mostly in my case, bu no guarantee the dye will last. Seeing as I don't actually use that part of the wheel, it should.

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Doing a 2-tone on my peeling med gray '96 Regal

Sanded, smeared superglue gel over bare spots, and imperfections to seal, Sand.

Degrease/clean. Duplicolor adhesion promoter  

SEM med gray Colorcoat on upper/lower rim, and airbag center. 

Duplicolor Charcoal Gray fabric/vinyl spray on sides, and top/bottom airbag ridge..

Rustoleum 2x painters touch satin clear, since Duplicolor clear only comes in gloss .

12-3 positions, foam was loose from core.. like a motorcycle  throttle..  injected superglue in 4 spots.. fixed instantly..

A couple small missing chunks,  For filler I layered baking soda, dripped superglue on, then sprayed water which instantly sets it..  If mixing BS with the gel glue, it takes 5 minutes to set,  and its spreadable...

Either is sandable dried.. Found these tips online, and YouTube ..

Will post completed pics, when done..

Here's a few so far..


After wheel is done, going to paint steering column, and gauge/radio bezel charcoal.

Planning on redoing entire interior in 2-tone with either more charcoal, or the in between factory gray on the dash pad. Possibly a 3-tone using all.. Just need to find the dash color code..

Charcoal carpet down the road, and charcoal headliner with fiber optic starlight kit..

The stock interior is just one neverending sea of med gray blahness.. Adding the darker charcoal elements should totally transform it.




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