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Found 213 results

  2. I'm a convertible (and an Olds guy) - always was afraid of the 3.1+3.4L's in the 92-95 verts, totally forgot some of these had the 'older' 3.1 similar to what I'm used to on my 1988 Z24 2.8L (the smaller bore version). Anyway, its a well maintained 91, can't believe its owner gave it up. I'm told it was traded in for a truck to haul a camper/trailer. The guy kept it mint, I'm going to have fun trying to keep up what he did. I don't think it was ever driven in rain or snow. It has the 1SD package and even "white stripe" tires which are mentioned as being an option in a brochure I have. Has about 95k miles on it.
  3. Hi everyone. I have a '92 Cutlass Convertible. Late last year the battery began getting weak. After recharging a couple times, the battery finally wouldn't even hold a charge - that was late-January. The battery was almost five years old and had a useful life, so I bought a new one. No problems...until just a few days ago. I don't drive the Cutlass everyday as we have two other vehicles, so after a couple days of sitting, the car cranked slowly for a second before starting. Obviously, the new battery was getting weak! There are no obvious signs of a parasitic leak (no hood or truck light stuck on, no interior lights, etc.). I did a parasitic drain test today with my multimeter. At first, I was running around 1.50 amps. I disconnected the cables to the driver's side keyhole light and the seat belt connectors and it dropped to around .77 amps. Here's what's strange: opening and closing the door would give me different readings. Sometimes it was around .77 amps, then other times it was around .01 amps. I figured the switch in the door jamb might be bad, so I cleaned it up real good. Still, I'm getting around .75 amps most of the time, but sometimes .01 amps, changing as I open and close the door. Do you think the door jamb switch is bad? There doesn't seem to be much that can go wrong if it's clean - it's a simple switch. Any other ideas on what's causing the intermittent drain? If I pull the ELEC and CTSY fuses, I get .01 amps all the time. Thanks.
  4. Not pleased...not pleased at all. Filled with ineffectual rage, like Ben Stiller in the first part of Mystery Men... So, I'm about to go to work late due to snow...and I decide to wait for the plow to finish on my cul-de-sac street before I go...and while turning around, the freaking truck backs into my windshield! Drivers side, knocks hole in it...messes up windshield trim as well, and also screws up the top door edge black trim as well as putting a minor dent on the edge of the door frame. Glass on the dash and panel. Cardboard over the hole for now. that door trim the same piece on all 1st gen W coupes? Anyone have a black piece that will fit a 94 Regal GS coupe?
  5. Greetings all. We recently bought an '88 Regal, mostly for my daughter to drive. 129K miles, and was previously owned by the mother-in-law of a mechanic buddy so it's pretty solid and has had most needed maintenance done. It had the pretty common way too stiff gas pedal, so we found the throttle mechanism recall kit on ebay for fifty bucks and fixed that last weekend. Unfortunately the car met a pickup truck on the freeway last night and we need to find a passenger door so I'll be trolling junkyards and forums and craigslist until we do. It's pretty cold in Wisconsin right now with no window on the right side so we need to figure that out pretty quick. Leads appreciated. Jim White '88 Regal
  6. Mel87

    Blinker relay?

    Went to Dunkin Donuts this morning and noticed the my right blinker isn't blinking. Just a solid state on. When I got home I tried to diagnose it. The hazards will blink it, but when I use the blinker lever it wont. There are no bulbs out so it brought me to the conclusion of a bad relay maybe? I remember years ago it happened to my uncles Dodge truck. Would that be what it is and if so where is the relay located? Also it won't blink even with the headlights on.
  7. Hey hows it going guys my names Dan im from Huntington NY. I work as a technician at GMC truck in queens. I dont own a w-body yet but looking to get into one. I own a 88 Trans Am GTA with a vortec 5.7 crate motor in it, 90 K5 Blazer, and a 89 5 speed firebird that hasnt been started in 13 years. As if I dont have enough cars and here I am looking to get another
  8. Kgrantkey. C10 1986 Silverado. Trying to shape this work truck into a nice solid ride. Especially the interior. It has 5 good tires new motor and trany. - 350-SB and 350-THM Seems like a lot of good info on this site. I'll try to search before asking repetitive questions.
  9. After 10 years in mothballs, a fresh battery and a little tire air, she started right up and made it to the back of the ramp truck. Now begins the fun - including front and rear windshields, quarter window weatherstripping, new tires, and a few electrical gremlins. Anyone know why my previously-working factory radio would display as "on" but won't operate or respond to any control inputs either via the steering wheel controls or the radio controls themselves?
  10. Found this on ebay anyone ever seen these before?
  11. Hi ! Got somebody any experience with this paint marker or anything else like that ? Some interior chrome parts are slightly worn by my Regal. Thx HEMI
  12. So I just purchased a clean 94 Grand Prix se. Love it. Now the problems. The code scanner/ reader obd1 will not let me read the code when the service engine soon light comes on. It keeps saying connection failed. Tried multiple code readers. All fuses are good! Another problem is when I'm trying to program my key fob. I know you have to ground out the black and white wire in the RR truck when I do so it should lock and unlock the doors meaning it in programming mode? Correct. Well it doesn't do that I thought its because it doesn't have a good enough ground. But even when I get a good ground still nothing. I'm stumped. All fuses are good also. Another thing is there a sticky fourm on tips and tricks to the 94 Grand Prix? Thanks guys/gals. New to the site so if I posted in the wrong area bare with me.
  13. so at the local junkyard there is a 93 Z34 in red and i was wondering if i could take the truck lid and spoiler and put it on my 3.4 euro?
  14. Hey guys, i am in need of some help form those of you with knowlage of the GM 3.1 SFI V6 engine. Well i have a 94 vert, i love it but its been acting so strange latey i cant figure it out,. It really frustrates me snice this is what i do for a living is working on cars. its hard to explain its like its bucking almost? engine RPM will just drop ramdomly for a second and shoot back up i am forced to use her as my commuter for the time being snice i can no longer afford to fill my Truck up every day, and my escort is complety undrivable. If somone could help me figure it out id be super great full snice i really dont wanna break down on my way to collage or work. well heres a video so you can see exatly whats going on -Kyle D P.S. if im in the wrong section please let me know and ill fix it
  15. He said he really likes my truck, only thing, it's the Regal that I'm really looking to get rid of. Should I still jump on this thing? 3.4's are such a pain in the ass to work on!!!
  16. Just replaced my first "real"car that I had in high school! I've been looking for the same color and interior and low mile GP for about 5 years now. And I was lucky enough to purchase an 89 SE with 47,xxx miles and it was literally owned by a little old lady from Minnesota. It's pretty loaded, power seats, moon roof, navigation system(ha) everything works! I'm shocked! It did need a little cleaning, the drivers head rest was brownish(hairspray residue no doubt from beauty salon trips) No rust all original, even the mats are pristine (had rubber mats over carpeted ones) couple normal scratches and the front valence will need some paint. There's very little to do to it, other then keep it clean and drive it a bit. So I went out and bought an 89 TGP that needs some love just so I have a excuse to get out of the house and work on a car... cost-$4500. Not a steal, but more then fair I think -also came with pontiac remote locks and truck. I only drive shoeless too..
  17. Well driving home from helping out my brother, the engine stalled out on me as I was throttling up into traffic luckily there was a empty lot I dove right into, upon reentering the vehicle from investigating the cause of the stall the handle snaps, to make matter worse while towing the car home, I failed at braking, the trailer hitch on the car-truck caught in the fog light while turning and ripped out half the bumper. So about this handle, does the entire thing have to be replaced or can just the handle part? What do the handle assemblies with lights look light? Just an illuminated lock?
  18. pwmin

    Sub Box Help

    Since my MTX RT12 seems like it's going out and is in a generic truck box, I'm wanting to build a box correctly for the RT10-04 I have sitting around that I forgot about. The amp is a Lightning Audio B.200.2. I'm just going to go side-fire and I'm just looking for a box w/ no angles. I don't necessarily need dimensions as I can figure that out, mostly just cubic inches. sub: amp:
  19. Just got rear-ended and have over 2 grand in damage to the back of my pickup. Could repair the truck (100,000 miles, clean, reliable) and be done w it...or I could take the check, sell the truck as-is for $2500 and buy a sweet W-body...what do ya think? I'd probably want a Getrag, so I'm sure the reliability factor would drop significantly when compared to my S10...that's my main concern...
  20. alright so a local streetracer is starting an annual event KC2K13, his friend who is in the tuning business is doing $50 3 pull A/F tunes before the event, i noticed in a post by the previous owner of my car that he said it needed to be tuned bad, but my dad is worried my trans won't be able to make it through 3 pulls on a dyno because of the modifications to the car, its got 98k miles what are your opinions? the business is JUSTUNE, their facebook page has the profile pic of his truck which is red if anybody cares to look it up
  21. I am in the process of replacing the rear struts on my 1996 Grand Prix SE. While removing the strut mounts, one of the bolt heads broke off. I don't know if it's possible to get out. Even with the head, I couldn't budge it. Now I've just got the little 1 1/2 inch bolt end in the truck to work with. This ever happen to anybody before?
  22. On my way to work this morning had a slightly more than gentle encounter with a Ford truck and it messed the front passenger side corner up some. Plus the hood at that corner was damaged along with the front bumper and drivers front panel is damaged from the past. So ive decided to just replace everything that can be taken off vs attempting body work(saving that for damage in the back on the drivers side) My question is are there any good ways or tips for getting the all the lines right and body pieces fit? I figured the hood first then the front bumper then side 1\4 panels and installation is reverse. Im hoping i can find one in good shape the same color as mine but as long as i dont have to mix to many colors i can live with it til i can get the entire car repainted.
  23. Alright guys, I have a problem. Everytime I hit the brakes, my rear brakes completely lock up. But if I let off, they unlock. Friday night, I was going about 45 and went to slow down for a sharp curve in the road. My brakes locked up, back end of my car slid around and made me lose control. Hit two ditches. A culvert. Ripped out two mailboxes cemented into the ground 5 feet. And ripped a gas meter completely out the ground. I've replaced the lines. Pads. Calipers. Rotors. I don't know what could cause the problem. What do you guys think? Need to get this fixed asap as this is my only vehicle. Sadly sold my truck 3 days ago...
  24. This probably should be in other cars but I need the audio peoples brains First thing, I know NOTHING about car audio but I do know that the front speakers in my truck are shot, they buzz and rattle and I just drive with the radio off because of it... I am looking for long term reliability and OE sound, I dont want to downgrade but I also have no reason to upgrade as I am only replacing these two... I dont want to spend hundreds of dollars either as I drive the truck maybe once a week... I did some browsing on Crutchfield and looked at the 3 they had for 49.99, alot of people said they werent good for long term and had less than adequate highs and lows (I think I know what that means) so I am hoping that someone can help me out, they are 6 1/2 in. speakers from what I read Vehicle: 99 Silverado z71, non Bose
  25. It's not really eggy, maybe slightly, I noticed it the other day, along with my girlfriend. My tailpipe isnt black, no smoke etc. I havent done the 02's yet, I may start there anyway, I think my 95 Lumina calls for 2? so should I get 2 of these? like are they universal? If it's not the oxygen sensors, could it possibly be the cat? I dont smell it often, once in a while
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