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Mitch R's TGP Restoration Thread Updated 9-18-18

Dark Ride

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So it's finally happening:

Got it loaded up on the trailer to come home from storage (AKA Grandma's Shed)







So here's whats getting done:


Replacing Ball-Joints (One broke on me two summers ago the last time I tried to drive it.

Replacing Inner and Outer Tie-rods

Dropping Fuel Tank

New Fuel Pump along with new tank, neck and lines.

Drop Rear subframe and rust encapuslate that.

Install 2nd Gen lateral Arms/links.

Install GMPP Trailing Arms

Rust Encapsulate the underbody above tank, rear subframe, and where trailing arm bolts after removing existing rust.

Finish Dying interior parts to two tone gray, I just can't stand tan.

Install new sound deadening material in interior. (When I ripped out the old carpet the old sound deadening material was totally garbage. Picked some up from RaamAudio.

Install new Carpet. (Ordering from StockInteriors)

Find New Gray front seats!!!!!!

Reassemble Interior

Get Alignment done


If I can get all that done in the week I have off from work I will be just thrilled!

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Isn't there a problem with the plastic plenum and a turbo? It seems like guys do aluminum so I always assumed they flexed too much for boost and leaked. I don't know for sure. That car looks

Oh Mitch I'll be back in MN during June, we should meet up if she's driveable by then

It should be driveable, but it might not be pretty, I haven't saved up enough money to get a paint job, but I hope to at least get all the ground effects mounted. (I need new brackets too)

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What happened to that poor TGP. How many miles? It seems that it has had a worse life then mine :(

My Uncle got a hold of it... :cry:


That car had a rough life until it feel into my hands. 200K Miles, Engine runs but burns a LOT of antifreeze. I found it sitting between two trees on the edge of my grandpa's field. Mice had eaten the interior pretty good. I ended up modding my uncle's Xbox for it, so it only cost me a hundred bucks, and I originally planned on parting it out, but that didn't happen.

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I know the feeling, I planned on parting my Euro 3.4 but that never happened, fortunately it is back on the roads now.


My TGP almost became a parts car too, but It will be getting saved now.

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I got it washed, I'll post a picture tonight, looks way nicer though.


Been doing a lot of little things I forgot about. I installed my power antennea, which became a much bigger project then I anticipated when the little piece it is supposed to bolt to feel down into the bumper. I also finished dying the center dash piece, the part that everything bolts to.


I flushed the rack and power steering system, and I'm just about finished with ball-joints. They are the original ones so I have to use a pickle fork to seperate them and then use a dremel to grind the rivets off, and then pry then off with a prybar. Not a lot of fun! But I got them both off and got the drivers one on, just need to install the passenger side tomorrow when it stops raining. I think I'm going to leave the inner and outer tie-rods on for right now. The outers look like they've been replaced and the inners still feel solid, and since I'm going to eventually replace the cradle and controls arms anyway since they are rusted beyond all belief, I'll do them then.


I'm kind of switching gears a little with this project. My dad has a friend who does body work, and I'm going to have him come over and look at this car to figure out what its going to cost to do the body work, since that's probably going to be the biggest sole expense for this project and also get his advice on what I can do to make it cheaper/easier. I'm waiting to totally start rebuilding the interior until I hear from him since he may need access to the body panels underneath the interior panels.


So my plan for the rest of this week is to drop the fuel tank, install my brand new tank, straps, fuel neck, pump, strainer, and fuel lines. Rust encapsulate where needed and install GMPP Trailing arms. The lateral links can wait until next year when I do my suspension overhaul.


Once I get everything back together, get it aligned and drive it some. :biggrin: It won't be the first time I drove it down the road with nothing but a cluster, steering wheel, seat, and seat belt. :lol:

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Figured I'd update a little. Got the Fuel Tank, Straps, and Neck painted and ready to go. I painted the tank black and the straps red and I think it'll look pretty sweet. Next up is the rear suspension. Coil-overs, struts, Mounts, lateral links, and sway bar. Can't decide for sure if I should use 1loudcuttys mounts yet or not.


I had more money saved up but I had to jump on an opportunity to get this.


Rollover 99 Lumina LTZ. Paid $525 for it, with only 69K miles and a full tank of gas, not to mention brand new tires.


Purists may cry, but there is no replacement for displacement. I hope to get this in over the winter, it needs intake gaskets, but what else is new.



So I took the rear sway bar out, it is a 20mm so not the biggest by 2mm but its free with all the brackets. This car came from Maryland and its clean as hell.

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as long as you turbo it. so you can still say it is a tgp

Of Course!



Sorry Nick, I knew you probably wouldn't like that, but I will have a one-of-a-kind TGP. I've gotta be honest though, I don't understand why everyone is set on keeping the 3.1.

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