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  1. You're welcome! Glad you got it all figured out and put back together.
  2. It's hard to be sure from the pictures but those tan AQ9s look to be in decent shape. Gotta be some TGP guys who need them.
  3. So there a reason it couldn't be on the front of the block?
  4. How do you like the 250lb springs? I bought the progressive rate springs as they were supposed to be better but I'm not crazy about them. Considering changing the spring for either 250s or 300s.
  5. I think I see a hud in that one. Wonder if it has AQ9 seats as well? Too bad it's not closer.
  6. Finally got this fixed. It was a bad flasher. Seems obvious in hindsight.
  7. Any 96-99 Lumina will have what you need and they are at least somewhat common in the yards here in central mn. Definitely upgrade the other side to match. Don't downgrade.
  8. Dark Ride

    GP swrc's.

    Yup no screws just be gentle they come right out
  9. I know they are different, as a 96 would be a 3100. I was just at the junkyard yesterday and they did have a 3.1 car which would work. But I would be surprised if someone around here doesn't have a spare they would want to sell first.
  10. Damn! Such a shame to see this. I can only imagine how hard of a decision this had to be. Good luck with the sale.
  11. Yeah, but I can relate, especially with the family. I have two myself now, and they keep me plenty busy. At least it stays rust free that way. My poor GTP has succumbed to the MN winters. Probably only got a year or two before I start seriously questioning whether I can keep driving it.
  12. Yeah, finally running again. How about you, how's the Monte?
  13. Yeah, its pretty easy to do when there is nothing in it I took it for a drive around the block, it suddenly wants to eat tires, not sure what caused It's definitely fast, and there is very little boost lag, which was what I was going for. A car that builds boost like a blower but without all the parasitic loss.
  14. Thanks! Yeah, the downpipe was almost completely custom. The CT kits have 2 bolt exhaust flanges between the upper and lower downpipe. I had to use vband as the flange wouldn't fit between the rear exhaust manifold and the firewall, it's a really tight fit. The gen 2 engine bays these were made for are at least a couple inches wider. The vband requires a good deal of finesse to get it locked in place. If anyone ever does this I would absolutely recommend using the vband flanges with the machined male/female design, they were a life saver. I'm not a body guy unfortunately, so I'll end up having someone fix the rust and paint it.
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