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Convertible Dome Light Switches


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Jack yours went out early this week, you might have 'em by now...

Mike from Canada, yours went out Wed orThurs morning,


95whitevert, got your paypal, just packaged them and will send 'em out tomorrow.


PM me if you have any trouble with the install.



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Yes. For some reason eather paypal didn't send the confirmation or I didn't see it but I've got it now. Sorry about that! I'll get them out today.


Dave, I'll get yours out today also.

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Awesome. Installed them with my son. The switches worked great once we realized the car doors were open and the lights would stay on until we closed the doors. Doh!!


Thanks j_mezz.

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Lol, and we all know Memphis Man has no real need for this with his practically "new" car. I on the other hand would like two sets with bulbs. I don't believe $2.50 shipping is appropriate for shipping to Canada (i.e. too low), so please send me the total. Thanks a lot.

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Ha! Too funny! Glad you figured out closing the doors before you sent 'em back! Always glad to help!


Sorry RJ, Shipping to Canada was 1 cent more last time I sent a pair there so, same low price - $16.00 for 2 pairs of switches + 2 sets of bulbs for $24 - and $2.50 covers all the shipping.

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