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Convertible Dome Light Switches


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I successfully lobbied the original manufacturer of dome light switches to re-manufacture some switches for me. I ordered a couple of hundred and they just showed up today. $8 a pair plus shipping ($2.50).


It's probably just my cars they broke on, right? :)


I'll post a picture tomorrow night.


7/28/11 update - Acting on a tip from another W-bodier I picked up some LED bulbs that fit right into the original housing. These eliminate the heat buildup that causes the switches to go bad. I can provide a set of 4 for $12.


9-30-13 update - All interior LED light conversion bulbs now available. See page 13 for pic and pricing

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You'll have to wait till saturday for a complete test. I'd certainly return any money if they don't work, but they're about as close to NOS as you can get . They're made by the same company and from the same molds as the originals.


Best way to transact is probably via paypal, my account name is mezz@benris.com. I'll figure out what shipping will be today and post it later on. I'll post another picture of them in the black plastic housing later, too.

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Shipping will be $2.50, that'll cover a couple of pairs. I still haven't tested them yet but they fit like a glove...


I've actually tried to make the lense but haven't been 100% happy with it so far. I've got a pretty good mold but you can see tiny air bubbles in it. I'll post a picture of the one I made this weekend, it's actually not too bad. I can knock off a few if anyone wants em.

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