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  1. MM, you're awesome! I have a nephew that lives in Allentown who's willing to pick it up for me. Thanks very much, that worked out perfect!!!
  2. I know it's not the same from 88, or even 92 - 96. They're close but I think the curve is slightly different. 95 - 96 is probably the same but I'm not 100% sure.
  3. As the subject says, need to find a drivers door window and front channel for a 96 cutlass coupe. Anyone? It would even help if someone knows of a 96 cutlass coupe in a pull-a-part somewhere in the Northest? Maybe I'll make a road trip out of it... Thanks!
  4. Nice, good find! And that confirms the light is the same from 92 - 95. Anybody know if 90/91 is the same?
  5. Well, at least in my case, freezing closed isn't the only thing going on. Whenever the temperature changes significantly I think the rods change shape to the point that the handle doesn't release untill I readjust the handle. But, I think the poppers will go in along with the release solenoid.
  6. I'm thinking about mounting a pushbutton in the keyhole to activate, and for the 'what it the battery's dead' question I'm thinking about an external hood release via cable. If I come up with anything good I'll start a how to thread.
  7. Has anyone put a solenoid in to pop the door? I know it's been mentioned in some of the many door handle threads but I have yet to see it actually done on a W. My handles have irritated me for the last time, as soon as it gets warm I'm gonna start tinkering.
  8. Great thread, thanks to all who've posted! I've never seen that picture of the coupe, some weird things about it, must've been custom made for him? It's got the quad 4, no aero bumper, chrome trim around the windows, red olds logo on the wheel center caps, no rear marker light, and no yellow on the front marker light. Very cool!
  9. Anyone have a drivers door wiring harness (power windows\locks\mirror) for an 88 Cutlass supreme coupe? Having trouble with the connector for the electric mirror and would love to just swap the whole harness. The car is really nice, would hate to come this far and jury-rig the door wiring...
  10. So, believe it or not they're 14's. These wheels are from, IIRC, the 85-87 cutlass cierra. I coupled them with the tallest sidewall I could find to try to compensate. There's a little bit more wheel gap than I'd prefer but I'm happy with the way it turned out. You could lessen the gap a little more if you lowered it, but that gets more complicated than I could deal with. There was 2 problems with the bigger SS II and III wheels...first the bolt pattern was different and I wanted to do it without spacers. Ultimately, to clear the brakes I had to add 1/2" spacers all around anyway. The second problem was the inside depth of the wheels - the space between the back edge of the rim and the mount point. They would have needed Big spacers and would have stuck out farther than I was comfortable with. I actually like the way the spacers worked out, gives the car a slightly wider stance. The other catch was my car is a 96, so I had to downgrade the brakes to 1993. To compensate for that I went with drilled and slotted rotors. I really don't drive it hard enough to notice a difference so that worked out fine. And then I turned around and did a big-brake upgrade on my 94 vert. The other option I considered is there are companies that will cut the center out of a wheel and basically re-rim it - providing the possibility of setting the center back farther. But between the cost of the wheels and trim rings, center caps, and customization my conclusion was the small radius wheels were...Much more cost effective. I ran through a lot of calculations and experimentations on this, fire away with questions! Overall, it's not perfect but I do really like the way those wheels look on the car, it's too bad they didn't continue that wheel option for one more generation.
  11. You're talking about the emblem on the nose between the grills? I thought that was held on by a nut behind it. So I took a look at my '96, there is a stud behind it but no nut. So, I'd try getting behind it and pushing on the stud.
  12. Hey, I'm here! lol Yes, these are the switches for the vert dome lights. They're burned out on most convertibles...I still have some and have LED bulbs to replace the incandescent bulbs that cause the switches to burn out. They're $8 for a pair of switches, $12 for a set of 4 LED bulbs, and $3.50 for shipping anywhere in the US. PM me if you need a set and I'll send you my paypal address.
  13. Welcome to the site, like what you did with the hood!
  14. Mine are all spring loaded, but there is no latch or anything so I would think that something is blocking it or it's just busted. prety easy fix though, just replace that hinge. It comes out pretty easy and I've got one around if you need one. I'd try pulling it out and cleaning\oiling it first.
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