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How to lower a W-Body ( Gen 1, Gen 1.5 )

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Welcome.  Is your Z34 white by chance?  Post up some pics in the new members section and tell us a little about it.   http://www.w-body.com/topic/47477-lowered-the-front-of-my-cutty/ is a good pl

My suspension is from space, custom a-arms to allow second gen spindles and stuff. A bunch of shit you probably don't want to deal with. The quality of Jarek's mounts is outstanding, just holding

Camber more than the caster. My cars also serving as DD's, I was running around -1.7 degrees in the front. On lots of non-street driven vehicles (not talking about w-bodies specifically. Nobody autocr

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Garrett Powered
That valance is a 2 yr old GM NOS unit that has no sag, hence the not slammed appearance out front.



I know but the fender well was damn near touching my tire. I could hardly even get my hand in there above the tire. have you got any closer up pics of the front wheel?

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OK, I don't think we're on the same page here... I'm looking for direct-replacement coils, just longer/heavier instead of shorter. There has to be some interchange with another (heavier) vehicle somewhere that would fit this purpose. I know w-coils are like 40 feet long after disassembling a strut over the weekend.


Those links haven't worked in a while, but I think you're referring to something like these? http://www.westshorefabricators.com/WBody/Coilovers.htm

I was thinking about building some custom ones like I did for the rear, but I want to be lazy. And I don't want to spend a ridiculous amount of money (again) on a shitty W-Body.

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My bad, I didn't realize that the link to my thread had gone bad with the new forum change.


I have the Held kit, its a great starter kit, but for those that are serious, its crap. The upper spring mount is machined out of plastic.


As for an interchange, that I have no idea, but highly doubt the same springs were used on none w's

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Yeah, forum changeover hosed a bunch of links. That always happens when changing from one flavor to another. I didn't realize that kit had plastic components, that's a joke. I don't like how the link I posted doesn't show prices, and I haven't heard back from them on pricing yet. I'm thinking a strut spacer will be my best option, but I'd like something to stiffen up the front also.


It'll be easy enough to make a custom spacer like they have in leveling kits for trucks.


Edit: just got an email back from Erik @ westchorefab - looks like he's writing me up a quote for a stage 1 kit...


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Here are the Held Coil overs just before I put them in the car



Here are a couple pics of that white plastic part that holds the spring







To give you an idea of what you have to do to install the Stage 1 kit...

You have to take your front knuckles out

Like so,



Cut these parts off,



Then you are left with this,




Then I painted, when I redo it in the spring I will be powder coating, paint didn't hold up worth shit.


I won't be putting the Held kits on the front, I am designing a set up from scratch. (Held ones are spoken for)



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Yup, I will say their rear mount is about as good as it can get





There is a red poly bushing to go in the center part.

I will be re-using these, minus the poly bushing.


I am having all Delrin bushings manufactured



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Unless you have the means to machine parts on your own, or have a buddy do it, I would recommend going with Mark's (DOHCv6) parts.


His parts don't make a whole lot of sense for me because I have the ability to design my own parts and the sources to have them made.

That being said, I'm not stepping on his toes by making my own, because I will not be selling them. I am not taking the liability on my shoulders. I know he has a waiver and all, its just not a risk I'm willing to take.


When I make my new lateral links, trailing arms and tubular front control arms, the most I will offer is to tack them together. After that it will be up to the buyer to get them welded and powder coated. But I'm not even sure I want to go that far with them.



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