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  1. If they’re not leaking or damaged, I’d leave em alone.
  2. They’re polished aluminum. Not chrome.
  3. Recently decided to sell these wheels with tires. 16x7 with Michelin tires. Tires are older but not dry rotted at all. Have been kept indoors. Asking $500 OBO.
  4. A 282 mount will work in place of a 284 mount. I’ve used both.
  5. How is the 3400 a OBDII engine only?! I swapped one in mine several years ago and ran it on the stock 1994 PCM with no issues... It’s one of the easier swaps there is. Y’all are making this much harder/bigger deal than it really is..
  6. Here’s that website I was talking about... I bought the input shaft seal from there and fit perfect. Not exactly listed for a 284, but I’m convinced some parts will fit. Just couldn’t prove it.
  7. I’ve got back up I’d consider selling if the price is right. Was rebuilt by Jeff at EP, with one of his limited slip diffs.
  8. Yeah you basically destroy it to open it up. Like I’ve said guys, the seal inside isn’t the issue. It’s the small o-ring in the outside that gets hard and brittle and starts leaking.
  9. I found a place online that sold synchros and other parts for getrag trans. It wasn’t specifically for the 284, but I was convinced they where the same. Just couldn’t prove it cause I couldn’t tear down a 284 car enough. I’ll try and find it again. Had it saved on my other computer, which crashed, naturally..
  10. Just an FYI, all the input shaft seals I’ve seen fail, haven’t been from the seal itself. There’s a small o-ring on the outside that gets hard and cracks. Replace that with maybe some silicone, and you’ll be fine. You’ll have to split the case on it. Which is fairly easy to do.
  11. Splitting the case is very easy. Just need to remember where everything went in the detent system. I’ll split a few of em. Here’s the internals of the 284.
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