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  1. It was a California car. Bought it with 61k miles from some old lady's son that had died when I was 15 as my first car. I paid $4200 for it, and my parents helped with $1000 since my mom would drive it, but I paid for insurance. Washed and waxed it every 2 weeks for a few years before I moved to Illinois in 2004 for college, then brought the car with me in 2005. Oldest picture I have of it: Most recent pictures I took of it: I traded in to Bob thinking the car would go to good use, since I had bought a Cruze out of the frustration with that transmission, which NEVER worked right. I had a replacement transmission in the barn, which I ended up giving away to someone with a GTP a couple months ago, who swapped it and is currently using it without problems. Just never got around to that. I figured Bob would fix it since he invested so much time and effort into that build. He traded it in for a Hyundai that promptly needed a timing chain. The Rendezvous was used for a year and a half before all the lines underneath rotted and I sold it for $1500. I overheated the original engine at least a dozen times trying to chase down coolant leaks in the southern California heat in 2009, and when a lifter roller finally blew and chewed up the cam, I figured an L67 swap wouldn't be a bad idea. The car was never the same after that. The front lowering springs (originally advertised for a monte carlo) and lowered rear leaf (I forget by who), handled far better than the coilovers ever did. The car became obnoxiously loud, and was only enjoyable when the transmission wasn't in limp mode, which was often. Looking back, I half wish I just had him swap another L27 in there, but buying the Cruze got me in to an AMSOIL business that now makes enough to build this car again several times over, and what I learned on this forum allowed me to create an amazing community over on When i heard Bob traded it in for a Hyundai, I knew it wasn't going to be long before it found its way to a junkyard. I'm just glad someone picked up those wheels since they were in good shape and were custom machined. At the end of the day, you have to let things go, and can't get attached to piles of metal. I suppose it would have been harder for me if I had sent the car to the junkyard myself, but the last I remember of the car was in the pictures above, when it had seats that actually held you in, and laid strips of rubber for the entire 1st gear on 245 wide tires, and looked presentable.
  2. To be completely honest with you, I wish I would have replaced my busted L27 with another L27. I had plenty of power and the car was very fun to drive with a huge top end gain from YT roller rockers and LIM and head porting. I was running 94% injector duty cycle on stock injectors. Keep it simple. My recommendation is to avoid turning a daily driver into a project car. Sent from my SGH-T999 using Tapatalk 2
  3. It is easier to swap a series 1 L67 than to bolt an m62 to an L27 or LN3. It has been done, with only ~25k miles before piston damage. The LN3 and L27 do not respond well to the SC. The pistons are different between the SC and NA on the series 1. The m62 also isn't a very efficient blower. It's a total heat factory; worse than the m90. If you want more power on a series 1, pull the LIM and heads and dremel out the casting imperfections with grinding stones. You'll pick up a good amount of power that way. Sent from my SGH-T999 using Tapatalk 2
  4. With difficulty. Calculate your costs in a worst case scenario, then double it. That's what the project will cost you. Double the expected time as well. I would recommend a non-hd trans and a HD differential. That way, you get 3.29 gearing. I call it "haul ass" gearing. Don't get a 2003+ trans. Axles will have to be custom made with OEM parts due to the HD diff, and if you want headers, prepare to butcher the firewall. Makes for a fun car. Get the widest tires you can find because you'll have trouble keeping the power to the ground. With 245 wide Firestone G019 Grids, I can't keep traction in first at WOT. Gas mileage will average around 19mpg city/highway. I don't recommend an L67 swapped 1st gen as a daily driver. Sent from my SGH-T999 using Tapatalk 2
  5. No updates. May was a bad month for any free time and this month has been tough as well. I'll post pictures as soon as I get more progress made. They actually pop out. It's a plastic ball joint. Sent from my SGH-T999 using Tapatalk 2
  6. The projector is as deep as I can make it without removing more material from the housing and resorting to using JB Weld Steel Stick to hold it in place. That's additional work that I simply don't want to get into, and the shroud is already a very tight fit as it is so I won't be able to move it much farther back. I think with the way it is now, it should clear the headlight lens by about 1/8", which should be fine. The only real concern is the heat off the projector lens causing the housing lens to oxidize, but time will tell how big of an issue that is or isn't.
  7. The kit was purchased from, and I opted for the additional re-sealing glue when placing the order for the kit: I haven't opened that box yet containing the re-sealing glue, but I would only assume that it would be suitable for this application given that it was an option for a retrofit kit. I can let you guys know what actually came in the packaging when I open that box.
  8. Overtime slowed down a bit at work, so I finally got a chance to start on this project. Retrofit includes Morimoto mini H1 projectors. These are some excellent projectors; not some Chinese crap. Designed for HIDs. Had to take his old housings apart to get the clear corners out. Heat gun FTW. Since the old housings were junk, we got new ones. So much damn sealer... Pop the cap off... And the other one... Houston, we have a problem. That projector sticks out about 1/4" too far, and that's without the shroud... These aren't exactly plug n play. Looks like it's time to bust out the dremel, but first, a test fit on the old housings. Just in case I screw something up. The verdict? Tight fit, but I can make this work... This last picture shows the extent of how tight this fit is. The lens just barely fit, and it's touching the shroud. Granted, the shroud wasn't screwed in place, but still. Damn... Let's go over what it took to make those actually fit. Bust out a dremel with a grinding stone. Grind out a circle as wide as the circle in the back of the housing. Start grinding an angle, from the back. Be careful. Grind the bottom deeper. The hole is actually not centered vertically, and is a tad bit high. Drill a hole right below to run the high beam switch wires. Assuming you're using the Gatling shroud, you'll need to grind down the columns so you can fit the projector housing deeper inside the shroud. Pay attention to the lens end to make sure it's flush, and grind down as far as you can possibly go. The biggest clearance issue is at the shroud. Grind off the top of the shroud because it rubs up against the top of the headlight housing. Trust me, it's a really tight fit, and this is after I already did some grinding... Much better... Let's hook up a 6A battery charger and give it a try... One half down! Time to get the other side done, then take it all apart and paint it black.
  9. My entire Cruze is fitted with SDS materials. Don knows me by name from all of the business I've sent his way. It truly is the best set of products on the market. Nothing out there comes close to the performance for the price you pay. CLD tiles are all you'll need for the trunk unless you plan on removing your rear seats.
  10. I'm in. Sent from my Bulletproof_Doubleshot using Tapatalk 2
  11. Don't coat the insides of the sleeves. Not much point to it. You can grease them up though. Can't stress enough, make sure you read and understand each detail in my writeup on this mod. Others thought they could "do it their way," and ended up calling me to ask me why it was so difficult. It's really not difficult if you follow the steps I outlined. Sent from my Bulletproof_Doubleshot using Tapatalk 2
  12. I have to admit, I am impressed. I would rock that so hard. It's not perfect, but I do like it. Do you have the link to that forum? The guys on CruzeTalk would get a huge kick out of this.
  13. The lighter on the grill that D brought to the meet was broken...and nobody had a lighter or matches. No worries though, we did have jumper cables! [video=youtube;26N8rp9UXE4]
  14. I'm going to go for the shoot down to the grocery store idea. I will not have time to make or bring anything. Every evening this week has been spent on my car getting the sound system installed, and tonight I just finished everything except for the trunk. The amps need to go in somewhere, and I need to tune the MiniDSP real quick; just enough to make it sound "decent," so I'll be doing that tomorrow morning and if it goes like every other install I've done, I'll barely finish in time.
  15. Looking forward to this. You want me to create a thread over on CruzeTalk to see if we can get some more people?
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