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WOW, found a triple black convertible Cutlass!


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I just did an alt. on my 3.4. Its a time consuming job but its not the worst thing you have to do in life. It took me 4 and a half and ive never even looked down that far in my engine bay yet. Luckily I got the one with 5 year warranty so when it goes in 3 ill do it myself again totally for free! yippee!

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Not me!!! It's a bummer that someone bought it, but I'll have to keep an eye out just in case it goes back up for sale again. That 3.4 DOHC was pretty sluggish, I imagine something on it is gonna crap out pretty soon!

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if someone did in fact purchase it...then mayb they will get fed up with it and want to sell it down the road. and then if you choose to you can get a deal from them.

but as Brian said....i would just search for a better condition ride.



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WOW, those wheels are FUGLY!!!


It seems to be in better shape for a better price, but that IS pretty darn far! It's nice to have 2 airbags, but my wife really likes the digital dash and there's no way to get the digital dash in a 95. She likes the 94 climate control better, too, she thinks the buttons look better than knobs.


Looks very interesting though!!!


EDIT: LOL, I just asked her what she thought about it, and she said, "oh poop, I need digital"!!!

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That's great to hear! I dont know about your area, but around here the prices of houses increased 50% in 2 years, and the demand is still high. If anybody (like my parents) bought a house before the price jump, they made out with a nice profit. Our house sold for more than they paid to have it built!

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Yep, house prices have definitely increased a lot.

I'll be sure to get pics of the house as soon as we're sure it's ours - and that's pretty much up to the banks.


I just got a call from that Cutlass convertible's owner too. Seems he has NOT sold it (just moved it back home), and would go to $3500. I told him I'm pretty firm on $3000 especially since we want to close on a house. After a brief silence, he says, "well, I really need the money". So it looks like we're buying the car - it shouldn't impact our home buying just because we have a pretty sizable CD and I've saved a pretty good amount for the down payment.


Now we will have to get rid of the wife's Cutty. :(

That's sad, because I have taken care of it and nursed it back to health when it was ill. My wife and I have both formed a sentimental attachment to it!

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We would gladly sell it to you too!

I would much rather sell it to someone that I know would appreciate it, over someone who will just drive it into the ground and sell it to a salvage yard when it has a problem.


We would even take less for it just to know it's going to a good home.

I have taken care of it like it was our kid or something!

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