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  1. Maybe you need to desolder the display and resolder the controller chips underneath.
  2. Definitely looks bad in those spots. Must have been the body shop didn't know or care where they're supposed to go. I don't think it was a deliberate effort by the owners because there are no other signs of customization on either of those cars.
  3. I don't think BBB complaints amount to anything. It did last a few years, but the Gentex mirrors pretty much last a lifetime.
  4. Donnelly auto-dimming mirrors suck. I paid almost $200 for an auto-dimming, lighted, compass mirror in the late 90s and the fluid eventually leaked out of it, making it completely unusable.
  5. Glad that fixed it. Symptoms make perfect sense for a bad battery if you think about it. Low voltage makes electronics go nuts. Rotten egg smell indicates heating very near the battery (or in it), causing the sulfuric acid to evaporate and produce that smell (hydrogen sulfide?). Since wiggling the battery cable could make it work, I'd guess the battery terminal was cracked internally.
  6. So you did pop the bolts themselves out and cleaned them? Mine were gunky between the bottom of flange and where it contacts the terminal. Now when I have battery troubles, I always pop the bolts out and make sure the bottom of the flange is clean and bright as well as where it contacts the terminal. I also add a little dielectric grease to prevent corrosion.
  7. Have the battery checked. Also remove the battery bolts and clean them thoroughly, especially the bottom side of them where it touches the inside of the battery terminal. Also clean the battery terminals thoroughly on the inside and out. I usually use a Dremel-like rotary tool with wire brush attachment. Negative terminal getting hot sounds like bad contact.
  8. You mean the interior-colored sill pieces that cover the weatherstripping and carpet, or the black piece that covers the metal door sill?
  9. I buy Walmart batteries because they are cheap. WAY cheaper. I haven't found them to be the longest lasting batteries, usually 3-yrs, but I usually put them in W-bodies which may have something to do with it - sometimes the W-bodies would break and it'd take me a couple weeks to get all the parts to fix them and occasionally the battery would die from non-use which is really bad for them.
  10. No issues at all. Can't even tell the airflow is reduced. Objectively, it has to be reduced, seems impossible for it not to be, but I can't tell that it is. Defog/defrost seem to work just as well as before. Which unit are you looking at?
  11. I agree with the aux springs softening the ride theory. I think they were a way to get progressive spring rates out of the fiberglass spring. Removing them increased ride height on my 89 and also made the ride harsher, so it seemed to me that they counter-acted some of the force exerted by the fiberglass spring.
  12. If there's enough gas charge, struts can affect the height to some degree. The KYBs I put on mine had about 30-lbs of pressure each (going from memory on that) which seemed to raise unloaded height about a 1/4" to 1/2" compared to the old bad ones.
  13. Double-DIN is one of my favorite mods. Gonna have to do it if I ever get another 1.5-DIN GM. Tempted to swap an Android HU into the Cutlass. Which ones were you looking at? A company called Pumpkin seems to make a lot of them, but don't know if they're any good. No recent reviews on the Marshmallow models. They all seem to be full depth, though. I don't know why they couldn't make them a lot shallower since optical drives are pretty much obsolete.
  14. I think in 10-15 years, these cars will be about as sought after as an AMC Matador, Dodge Diplomat, or Ford Granada. Well, maybe not, those were at least RWD...
  15. Looks like 2 companies sell "aircraft remover", Klean-Strip and Rust-Oleum. Is one better than the other?
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