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  1. If it's in PA I may actually pop my head in. Subscribed.
  2. Hey guys, My exhaust from that Dohcv6 group buy finally bit the dust. Anyone selling a 1st Gen dual exhaust, cat-back, that's in the Ny/NJ/CT/Eastern PA region? 2.25" preferred but will consider 2". Thanks
  3. Sup!
  4. Okay, what would you want for it shipped to 11950? I only technically need the bottom plate/hinge, as my interior is blue.
  5. Nice! Vince's is still around?
  6. Gary's in Binghamton, and one in Horseheads / Elmira. Would only make sense on the way up or on your return though.
  7. 94-96 GP/ Cutlass armrest. $20 shipped? Lmk
  8. You need the PCM, under hood harness, MAF sensor, transmission gear sensor, obd2 connector, downstream O2 or simulator (or tune out). Couple of other things I can't remember right now. Also will need to Re-pin the interior harness where it connects to the under hood harness. Your best bet is to find a 96-97 Lumina or Monte, grab all harnesses and PCM and go to town. Something with the trans changed in '99? I think... will make it harder than a 97 swap.
  9. Hi All, I threw in a set of front quick-struts on my sister's 02 Gp less than a year ago. I recently heard some noise while turning at low speeds. Under the hood I noticed an absurd amount of play between the upper strut mount and that top metal cup that the strut shaft bolt secures. Both are like this and there is a visible gap when bouncing the car up and down. Do they normally "float " this much? I no longer have the stockers to compare them to. TIA. Brian
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