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For anyone who has visited the TGPforums.com website for the last few years, it is no mystery that the membership and posting traffic has slowed down to a crawl. The Turbo Grand Prix is slowly fading in to the past, and that has left me with a decision to make in regards to the future of that forum.
Starting January 1st 2021, new member registrations will be disabled for the forum, and new topic creation will be turned off.
Starting February 1st 2021, topic replies will be turned off. At this point the forum will enter an "Archive" status and will remain on the internet as a large resource for the Turbo Grand Prix. I will enable guest access to all previously hidden forums (with exception to administration forums), so all topics can be accessed without a registered user account.

This has been posted as an announcement on the TGPForums, and I am cross-posting it here for informational purposes only.

Tgpforums.com Admin/Owner

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Sad day, but we all knew it was coming.

The same will happen to this forum one day...

Same will happen to the Aztek forum.... Oh wait, it kinda already did

Same will happen to the GMTNation forums that I am a member of also.

Its a course off life, things come in the world, and they eventually die. Tis the cycle of life.

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@jimmyfloyd Yes, that will happen once the forum is closed, and will be posted on the main page. There is currently a link to this forum in my post on there now.

@pontiac6ksteawd It's an unfortunate trend to see for those of us who "grew up" during the time that internet forums were a huge part of our daily lives (or at least for me it was!). Simply put, the TGPforums had 9 posts in 2019, and has had 2 posts so far in 2020, one of those being my post about it's future. That was a clear enough indicator that it was time to close it down.  As far as this place goes, I am doing my best to keep it at least online. As long as it remains somewhat affordable, and I have members willing to assist with the back-end of the software and member management, it will stay online too! :)

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