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  1. jimmyfloyd

    Roof repair need advice

    that sucks. Might have to reskin it if it is too wavy
  2. jimmyfloyd

    brake caliper bolt spacing

    nope. don't own one, and no plans, but I do have some brembo calipers I am wondering if it will fit
  3. jimmyfloyd

    brake caliper bolt spacing

    sorry, 1st gen.
  4. What is the bolt spacing for the front calipers on the w-bodies?
  5. jimmyfloyd

    Should I get these?

    did you check the calculators, or just look at the offset? The offset and the rim width go hand in hand, so you can't purely look at the offset and say they are too different, unless the widths are the same. This is because the offset is off the center line, and the center line will locate the wheel differently. That being said, a rim that is too wide may rub.
  6. jimmyfloyd

    Should I get these? And them plug the numbers in one of these:
  7. jimmyfloyd

    W-body Nationals June 2019

    Maybe handle discussion and planning here, and post updates with a link back here on FB?
  8. jimmyfloyd

    New to the site!

    looks like you'll have a great start for hard to find parts for these cars when you start your restore.
  9. Will this help with your code:
  10. jimmyfloyd

    Need some help with what seems to be wiring issues

    Do you have a multimeter? I would first remove the radio and check the value on the illumination wire going to it. This should have voltage when the lights are on, and should change as you adjust the dimmer on the headlight switch I would assume. Same with the HVAC. pull the plug out, determine which pin is power and make sure that it is getting power. Do you have pictures of the wiring fixes you made so we could see?
  11. jimmyfloyd

    5 speed swap

    Did you do a leak down test or retry the compression tests? Last you posted was that you thought your test might be flawed. If it were me, i would do the test 3-5 times and see if there is consistency in the numbers you get for each Cyl. That way it can help determine if your test is fine or flawed. It seems like there is some more troubleshooting you could do before tearing it down further, and without knowing what you've done since the previous post, we can only guess that you may be reacting to potentially bad data and might start tearing down things you don't need to. Can you provide a synopsis of what you have done to determine you have stuck rings? What tests were performed, the results of each, etc. If you did only check the even bank, then you only completed half of the testing.
  12. jimmyfloyd

    Windshield header

    please don't yell...
  13. Thanks for the tip. Open to offers. Probably won't push selling these again until spring as they'll be behind the BMW, so best price for them is now.
  14. jimmyfloyd

    W bodies with the Wrong stock wheels
  15. bump. would love to move all three of these soon, so make me an offer. Offer should NOT include shipping, as I don't know what size box they will be in yet