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  1. No worries. Just wanted to get in line in case he did. I'm only interested if it is all three.
  2. I would be interested in all three CD players as a package deal if Jiggity76 passes on the two. The under hood light is from a GM OBS truck, 88-98 I believe. i have one kicking around here too. Great little install in a vehicle that you need extra light. Was going to use in my Bonneville years back but never did.
  3. Honestly, now that you have a storage space, it might not be a bad idea to make a run up and grab it, then pull all the parts you could need and store them with your car and scrap the rest. I can't see this be worth restoring with the current rust situation, but it's an amazing parts car.
  4. Let me check if I still have a good lid. I think I sold them already, but there is a chance I am thinking of a different one.
  5. yeah, 53 minutes left and it's at $200. And they list a Want it Now for $2000.
  6. what color do you need? Chances are a Coupe seat may fit, but convertible rear seats were usually narrower.
  7. I'm planning to go out a week in advance and being an Uber Driver.....
  8. if I had to guess, motor or trans went then donated to kidney car. Or it was Grandma's car that was no longer needed and donated to kidney cars.
  9. Sell them to Jiggity! He'll appreciate them. if not, sell them to me. I would do $20 each plus shipping assuming they are all similar vintage to that one. I clean and tinker with them to get them working and resell. it's a low success rate though (under 20% thanks to the CD player)
  10. This was donated to Goodwill back in May.
  11. I won't be able to make most July weekends, and don't have a w-body, so feel free to disregard my comments... picking the weekend of July 4th can be a double-edge sword. It is good because people may have off for the 4th, so it may be less time off for people. On the flip side, hotel/motels may be more expensive, and many people may already have plans for that weekend. Also, you have one person above who did chime in:
  12. Last call. Will be donated on wednesday.
  13. Actually, the yard is usually the one doing it. They are checking that the battery is not under there. It is easier if they check all of them rather than have to know which ones have it where. You can thank newer cars like Bonnevilles and BMW 5 and 7 series for that.
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