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  1. I won't be able to make most July weekends, and don't have a w-body, so feel free to disregard my comments... picking the weekend of July 4th can be a double-edge sword. It is good because people may have off for the 4th, so it may be less time off for people. On the flip side, hotel/motels may be more expensive, and many people may already have plans for that weekend. Also, you have one person above who did chime in:
  2. Last call. Will be donated on wednesday.
  3. Actually, the yard is usually the one doing it. They are checking that the battery is not under there. It is easier if they check all of them rather than have to know which ones have it where. You can thank newer cars like Bonnevilles and BMW 5 and 7 series for that.
  4. First off, you need to abandoned the idea of using online book value tools like Edmunds for older car values. Anything over 10 years and/or specialty vehicle will not be correct, and err on the side of very low. Remember, they just average sale prices, including all of the beat to shit/rusted out/auction nightmare ones to come up with their values (or some fancy depreciation algorithm that is generic.) Second, Ebay and cars is an ok place to get a rough idea about sales, but remember you need to reach the buyers who are interested in it within 7-10 days, or you don't get the bids. Third, You paid $7000 in 2007 for a 12 year old convertible, which was a good price. It is now twice that age at 24 years old, so I would not expect it to be $7000 still. It is still in the depreciation stage, and has not started to gain interest and rebound. I would not however believe Edminds again that your car is $2615 dealer retain If your car in excellent shape was on a dealer lot, it would be priced $4500-$7000. (I know nothing about your car, so I am assuming a excellent shape, 1995 vert, no mechanical issues, under 100k). Especially now in the spring. These cars have started to move into the niche market area, meaning that to the general public, they could be not worth much, but you are starting to see people who want them will pay for them if they want it. They have not bottomed out and started becoming collectible items for the masses yet though, so prices will still vary. Now, back to the car your brother was looking at. It looks like they fixed the electrical issue, or decided to remove it from the ad: Given the price is now $2500, there will be little room to make a big profit on it with sales tax and DMV fees added in. At $1500-$1900, I could see a $1000+ profit coming fairly easily, but not quickly. First off, better pictures would help sell the car, along with cleaning it up and removing the seat covers, which they state the seats are good underneath. An oil change would help. Most of the suggestions here seem to be items that you would want to do if you were keeping it, and are good things to note and to look at when buying, however I am sure those can be left to the new owner to manage. When flipping, you want to take care of the current issues, not necessarily the potential issues. Aside from potential unforeseen mechanical issues, he would have to be willing to hold it for a while if he wanted to maximize profit. Pricing it at $4250 to start and taking it to cruise nights with the top down and getting it detailed would help put it in front of people. I would guess it would sell at $3000 to the right person. My last piece of advice though is, if they are unfamiliar with the car, and the margin is low in this case, it is probably not worth it. The best flips are when you have a buyer lined up, you can price it low enough to turn it in less than a week, or you are OK with keeping the car if it doesn't work out.
  5. This is the only reason I still come here is waiting for it to start! Well, that and waiting for your STE to get home... And well, I guess for MemphisMan to sell his HUD Vert....
  6. Not a lot for w-bodies. I'll try and look tonight. Random parts for G6, Honda Civic (01), 69-72 blazer, etc Plus I have a lot of random landscape lights, tonka toys, etc. that I am looking to move out so I can reclaim space in my garage. Oh, and a couple Arachnid Darboard parts (coin-op) and Golden Tee Fore Complete boards, wiring, etc. Probably enough that you'd need a power supply, control panel and Monitor and you'd have a game.
  7. bump. Anyone want this? Will be donated to Goodwill this weekend.
  8. Many VW guys use these as they swap fairly easily into MK1 and MK2 cars
  9. These are gettingVERY hard to find, especially in good shape. I've found 1 set in 12 years of looking. If I do see a set, I'll let you know. These came in 95-99 Lumina 9C1 cars, if ordered.
  10. If they are worth that much, I highly recommend it. I was looking to buy them as parts sources, or to clean and resell for full disclosure, but getting them working usually requires 3-10 hours, depending on what needs to be cleaned and how much work needs to go into them. And the most I've gotten was $250 from a Camaro one, cleaned and working.
  11. If you go back, get me that CD Player out of the Caddy? I'm interested in all CD Players from 88-96 GM cars that are the older style (so only up to 93 in the bonnevilles and GP, but up to 96 in the S10/blazer/jimmy/bravada/Astro)
  12. will post more as I find it. Just starting with the bigger stuff and things that were in my way this weekend.
  13. White convertible boot. Best offer over $40 takes it. Shipping will be ~$25 due to size. Actual shipping will be charged, as this is just an estimate. Pictures show where I cleaned it. I wiped the whole thing down, so it looks nicer, but the buyer can clean as they prefer. I am beginning to seriously unload the remaining parts I have that do not go to a car I currently own. Looking to scale back my stuff, and focus only on a couple small hobbies, rather than everything. Each thing I list will have a date on it. I am open to an offer on everything, and if it is not listed with a price, that means you can make an offer, but be willing to pay if I accept. Anything that is still here 4 weeks after the date listed will be trashed or donated.
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