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  1. bump. would love to move all three of these soon, so make me an offer. Offer should NOT include shipping, as I don't know what size box they will be in yet
  2. jimmyfloyd

    Putting in 125-way '89 power seats in a '96 GP?

    i'd consider it a deal if he accepts
  3. jimmyfloyd

    Need to do some fabrication...

    Can you find a rust free section for that, either here, or online from a yard, and then have it welded in? Seems like the parts under the conv reinforcement place would be standard coupe parts
  4. jimmyfloyd

    Junk Yard Thread, Never ending

    I figured as much. I seem to remember you mentioning having one. Didn't you have a white TA back in the day? And a Bonneville? I feel like I might have sold you some parts way back in the day.
  5. jimmyfloyd

    Junk Yard Thread, Never ending

    not too bad. I parted an 89 back in the day after it decided it needed windows (Plural) in the block. 7 to be exact. I believe you can get the cluster parts off with a phillips, a 7mm and maybe a 10mm like most GM cars of this era
  6. jimmyfloyd

    Junk Yard Thread, Never ending

    SyTy or Fiero Swap? Probably will need the plug, and possibly other parts depending on what it goes into.
  7. jimmyfloyd

    New Olds convertible member

    don't let it scare you. Just make sure you stay on top of the maintenance and take care of it and it should be fine. All cars have issues. Post a picture or two when you have the chance
  8. jimmyfloyd

    Installing A Regal Instrument Cluster in a Centruy looks like there is someone on ebay who can do it, so it has to be programable someplace
  9. jimmyfloyd

    Installing A Regal Instrument Cluster in a Centruy

    I seem to recall that a new cluster could be programmed to a higher mileage, but once set, that was it. Definitely no going backwards.
  10. jimmyfloyd

    TGP Moving Sale

    Please give these a good home. I've looked into all options on my end, and even tried to convince some friends who had no real interest to pick them up. Are you in the area as well? seems like a few Upstate NY/Northern PA people here.
  11. jimmyfloyd

    TGP Moving Sale

    Do they run and Drive? Could they be title and driven to a new location or would they need to be trailered? That's a key point. Unfortunately, it is not looking like I'll be able to, but if they are non-running then it's really a no-go for me. Did you list them on CL yet?
  12. jimmyfloyd

    TGP Moving Sale

    Now I wish I had space. I don't have your asking price, but I could have above scrap price and I am only an hour away. Unfortunately, I don't have the space right now. Do either drive? Post them on CL in Rochester and you'll likely sell them.