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  1. Im just kinda confused by the PaP listing, shows a 5 speed manual..
  2. Did you notice that it also lists it as a 5 speed manual?
  3. When I time, I will check to see if I still have my spare TGP radiator. If I do, it will still have the rubbers on the uppers and lowers. If I have them, will they work?
  4. They came in the High End optioned Pontiac 6000 STE AWD/SE AWD, 1990 Pontiac Turbo Grand Prixs, Pontiac Bonneville SSE/SSEi, and the Pontiac GTA (I think 90 and 91). Internally, to me, they are built just like the tape deck, but with a CD drive Mechanism. I rebuilt one a few years ago from the face plate and CD drive of this style radio, and the case and internals from a 5 band tape deck. The CD drive is not the failure point, in my experience, its a real small sensor that reads whether a CD has been inserted into the mechanism. It sits right at the mouth, and is a real pain to change.
  5. They are all identical vintage to the one above. Well, I will have to get a for sale thread in the making this weekend. The bin had a bunch of odds and ends. Stock TGP air intake (complete), Washer fluid tank. TGP steering wheel controls, and more.. I even still have some parts from my old AWD STE. I do remember that one of them worked flawlessly. I pulled it from my TGP when I sold it. The buyer just wanted the stock tape deck.
  6. Not meaning to HiJack your thread, just a question. Are those CD players valuable or something? I just was cleaning out my garage, and found a bin with 4 of them in it. Wondering if I should junk them or?
  7. I also agree that those are aftermarket. Wrong location for factory.
  8. This is what you should have, 90-93 are set up like this.
  9. Man that is tempting.. Already have one wrecked non-driveable car in my driveway!! Good luck with the sale!
  10. I have to agree with my fellow W-Body members. Need some testing done. Can someone help me remember, does the W-Body have the fuel pump test wire hanging loosely by the drivers strut tower? If it does, you could use that as a primer to the fuel system, and let it run. When it shuts off, if it doesnt restart, reprime the fuel system, and try again. If it starts, that you likely know its fuel system related from the FPR (fuel pressure regulator) back to the fuel tank. If it doesnt start, it could be a fuel injector getting warm, and shorting out, and since these engines run in batch fire, one injector takes out 3. Or it could be like the poster above stated, the CPS (crank position sensor), or even a ICM (Ignition Control Module). There are more possibilities, but testing is needed. Cant just throw parts at it.
  11. Yep. All you have to do is take the mounting hardware off your stock/OE radio, and put it on the matching space on the aftermarket radio, install wiring, and install. Your done. Love those 1.5 dins.
  12. I had it in my 89 Pontiac 6000 STE AWD, and my 90 Pontiac TGP, and my 95 Chevy Silverado, and my 88 Pontiac Grand Am, 89 Buick Somerset T-Type, and a few others... RSC I believe is the acronym for Steering Wheel Controls. But I could be wrong.
  13. Yep.. I have one of those sitting in my garage, just in case I ever get an older GM/Mopar. The fill the hole perfectly, and allow for options that you didnt have before. The only issue comes in for the RSC, have to get an adapter for those to work.
  14. I have to say, that after seeing that pic of the yellow, in the sun, i really dont like it. The shadows of the door sills just gets really visible,, and it doesnt look good. I would still own it!
  15. Here in Colorado, and Missouri, the yard isnt the one doing it. Its the junkies coming into the yard every morning at opening, and they will be the first one to a car/truck brought in, looking for change under the seats, in the consoles, glove boxes, etc. They dont have tools, they just rip apart everything by hand. They are the worst on the GMT360's (Trailblazers/Envoy/Etc) as the consoles in them are always eating money. There is a video on Youtube that has a guy finding $37.14 in change and bills under the console. I found over 12 bucks under my console when I replaced it. But the only way to get under the console is to unbolt it. Junkies just rip them out!
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