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  1. The only other thing he may have to keep in mind is the actual gearing of the tranny may be different. It may not. Its kind of a crap shot unless you know what gearing your old trans had, and what the gearing of this trans is.
  2. Im kinda digging that flat red... Nice ride, I would have also ditched the DOHC motor, and gone the direction you did. Keep up the good work!
  3. They are actually stopping the knock offs at the ports now. A member of another board ordered one, and it got seized at customs. The tech-2 is limited unless you have the Candi module, and a dedicated Windows XP laptop with a serial port, and a RJ45 terminal (Cat5). I currently have a tech-2, they really arent worth it. I have heard good things about HPT and Torque, but I have not used them personally.
  4. I bet it does. Judging by the rust, probably became unsafe to drive in the frame areas.
  5. Bumpity bumpity Most everything still available. Only the 2 of the TGP radios are sold. Also have 2 navigation unit's for sale. One is a GM LUX model, and the other is not. GM part numbers 15800000 and 15800001. Unknown working condition. I know they power on, and play music. Don't have a way to test the navigation side 60.00 each plus shipping
  6. For 35.00+ship. Im selling it as a kit so that for someone that is missing it on their TGP, they have everything they need.
  7. Pretty sure the 2 CD players are sold, unless @jiggity76 Backs out. Will keep everyone updated on that one. If he buys the 2, will still have the one available.
  8. To the 3 people that are waiting (patiently) for shipping quotes, will get them out this Saturday (sooner I hope), Work and kids has my time monopolized pretty good.
  9. Thread is new as of yesterday, so everything at this point is still available, except 2 TGP CD Players.
  10. Not a dome light. Its a under hood light, the light is attached to a 20 foot-ish cord, to allow you to take the light to the rear of the truck to change a tire or something. The dial is a reel, and it allows you to reel in the cord when your done with it.
  11. Thats 810.00 dollars worth of stuff. Give me 500 + Ship for all of it is the package deal.
  12. And the one you all are going to think I am nuts about, but these are rarer than anything I have ever seen. Pulled from a 1987 Chevrolet Celebrity. A factory Tachometer that works. 75.00
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