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Found a fiberglass monoleaf. A few questions


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On 10/18/2016 at 10:43 AM, White93z34 said:

I closed your other 2 threads on this topic, this seemed to be the most current so I left it. Please, you don't need to create a new thread, it makes it very difficult to figure out what you've actually done or not done to your car. 


But anyhow, 20-od years on the spring rates don't mean a hell of a lot. I'd wager that there is a better then average chance the spring you got from a 94' is no better then what you have. 


The first 3 letters are the spring rate, the digits are GM Part number. Assuming the spring is good (It probably isn't) any difference you'll notice will be a effect of it riding properly rather then a different spring rate. 

What part number is on the monoleaf installed in your 92 Z34? I want THAT ride height.  Is there anything else you did to make it sit like that?  Its sexy AF.


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On 10/18/2016 at 2:26 PM, Imp558 said:

I am unclear as to why strutswould be expected to have an impact on the height of the vehicle. perhaps given the dampening rate when the vehicle is in motion I could almost see them making some difference but not when the vehicle is at rest. There are however big Goofy rubber Springs on the rear end that should make some difference and nobody ever talks about the helper springs

On all my used 1st gens, I've only ever seen those rubber springs under my 90 Lumina coupe.  Perhaps all the other cars had them removed?  I figure with how clean and original my current 1993 FE3 car was when purchased in 2004 that FE3s did not have said rubber springs.  But, I could be wrong, as your Buick is coded FE3.

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