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Vintage W-body photo thread - most pics fixed and lots of new pics


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Okay, this thread is for photos of W-body "back in the day" on dealer lots, on transport trucks, even vintage street scenes of when the early Ws were new even if they are in the background. I'd like to focus on first gens here but second gens are old enough to qualify. No recent pics please. To give some examples:







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95 GXP 300

Here is More Vintage W-body Photos that I been meaning to get myself to share

Dealership photo car lots- ALSO WITH MORE NEW PHOTOS - Buick Dealership with GN's and some new '88 Regals - Oldsmobile Dealership from 1990 with new cutlass - Chevrolet Dealership with

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As I remember this picture had to been taken in the late 90s. This was my families 1997 GTP. It looks pretty new in the pictures, and I look young as well.


From the 1989 Daytona 500
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Awesome thread!  Wish I had some old pics to share.






"Oh yes, my lovelies. You beauties are definitely going to make me enough money to finally invest in that Florida time share I've been eying for the past year...."

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Nice post. I'd love to find a pic from asc/mclaren with a large group of tgp's on their lot similar to the Grand National one that exists. I'm betting someone working there or living near there took such a picture.


Not a bad idea to start snapping pics at new car lots for future generations of car nuts to enjoy.

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They aren't great photos, but you can see a row of 2nd Gen GP's in these photos that the guy took of the 98 Daytona 500 Pace car with the MPD F1 package








Can see a 1st Gen Cutty sedan in the (I'm assuming) used lot of the Pontiac dealership


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