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  1. 89-W-Body-Regal

    Need some professional help about replacing intake manifold gaskets?

    The factory information for my vehicle said I would have to only rotate the engine if I reconditioned or changed the valve lifters. I am not going to do that. I am just going to replace the gasket than torque them down to specs. I like this engine is self adjusting because it’s not like the older Chevys that you had to adjust when running,
  2. 89-W-Body-Regal

    Need some professional help about replacing intake manifold gaskets?

    What do you mean rotate the engine and torque down the bottom of the lobes at 0 lift.
  3. 89-W-Body-Regal

    Need some professional help about replacing intake manifold gaskets?

    Yes. I was told I might have a intake leak because every time I start my engine at cold starts it feels like it’s gonna shut off on me. This only happens at 60 to higher degrees of climate weather.
  4. I am thinking about replacing the intake manifold gaskets on my 2.8 V6 Multi Port Injection In my 89 Regal. I was just wondering, If I remove the rocker arms and push rods, when I put them all back in the corrrect holes seating in the hydraulic lifters will I need to adjust the rocker arms or just torque them to specs? Service Information said to torque them down. But didn’t mention anything about having to adjust the rockers to a specific position. If the rocker arms only need to be torqued seating on the rods will I not face anything like engine ticking or engine knock after wards? The engine has currently 56,000 miles but it’s due for intake manifold replacements. I don’t want to have to replace my engine because I didn’t put the push rods or valve in correctly. I wanna do it correct so I don’t have to take it apart again and adjust them. I know if I put all the rods back in the correct order they came out it should be ok right?
  5. 89-W-Body-Regal

    Trunk leaks

    What causes rear carpets to get soaked?
  6. 89-W-Body-Regal

    General Question about posting photos to forum

    How come when you attach photos on here sometimes they are large and small? How can I make the photo be all the same length? I used a software to resize the photos to make them all the same length but somehow on here it doesn’t stay the same length.
  7. 89-W-Body-Regal

    Knock sensor location

    I thought on the 2.8 the oil pressure switch is near of the oil filter housing? There is a sensor there to when. I looked.
  8. 89-W-Body-Regal

    Knock sensor location

    What’s that sensor above it? That’s what I touch when I put my hand back there.
  9. 89-W-Body-Regal

    Knock sensor location

    Holy shit no way I am going to be able to reach that without a lift. Don’t have one of my own. I guess I’ll have to take it somewhere. And I thought these engines were easy to work on. Smh fucking GM.
  10. 89-W-Body-Regal

    Knock sensor location

    Can someone help me find the knock sensor location? I need a photo of where it’s at. From this photo I don’t know if it’s on the passenger side or drivers side. Everyone told me it’s in the back of the engine near the exhaust manifold in the engine and it’s an 89 Buick Regal
  11. Somebody please reach out to me. I need a fuel rail for my Buick Regal 2.8 V6. They will fit 3.1 V6 as well. I don’t need any injectors or presssure regulator. I only need a good used rail. If anyone has one please message me and I will show you the photo of the one I am looking for to match part. I need this part ASAP and it’s becoming inconvenient for me I want to drive the car again.
  12. 89-W-Body-Regal

    Set of tires on promo model

    Does anyone have a set of tires that came off of an Buick regal promo? I need a tire, bought one new and when I opened the box... guess what? Only 3 fucking tires. I was so disappointed... anyone know of anyone who has parts for the promo? I would appreciate it so much. I never would have thinked the factory would ever make a mistake so stupid as this one.
  13. Could be the cooling fan motor? We had that issue when the shop thought it was the coolant temp sensor. Chances are it was the fan motor itself not getting any power.
  14. 89-W-Body-Regal

    Gas Gauge on Insturment cluster doesn’t move

    Remember when the insturment clusters went digital in the first gen W-Body? They all had issues with the entire insturment cluster and the unit always needed to be replaced or rebuilt. We had the insturment cluster replaced twice because the gas gauge wouldn’t move and was staying at empty or would be moving slower than normal every time you get gas. What I want to know is does the gas gauge on the insturment cluster on my regal have resistor that’s connected on the back of the cluster, kinda like the photo? I just replaced the sending unit and gas gauge needle moved 1/4 from empty, but should be moving fast towards full. Didn’t do that. Plus somehow my tank didn’t have any gas in it after I filled it. So drove two weeks and I guess it must have got empty and I didn’t know about it because gas gauge would just stay at the same place. Would the insturment cluster need to be rebuilt? We always had that issue with the car ever since it rolled of the showroom because the insturment cluster was the first thing we ever replaced because ithe gas gauge would always stay at empty rather than full.
  15. 89-W-Body-Regal

    Fuel Pump Replacement, what is the best brand that will last longer?

    How long did your pump last? Is it still working good? I know ACDelco works best for our cars, but since they don’t make parts good anymore I need to get the best pump so it can last longer