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  1. This place in Puerto Rico is showing 20 of them in stock. Zorilla Commercial Guaynabo, PR 00969 787-783-9315 Let me know if it's a good hit or not, might need some for my STE.
  2. jiggity76

    Z34 swag

    I love old advertisements and brochures of everything 80's and 90's. I have stacks of them.
  3. jiggity76

    WANTED: White "STE Turbo" Nameplate

    Looked at some different sites and couldn't find anything. I'll keep looking but I wanted to give you an update. This one might be tricky.
  4. jiggity76

    WANTED: White "STE Turbo" Nameplate

    I think you guys are right. Whoever was in charge of this at GM has done an incredible job to make these cars a little more special.
  5. jiggity76

    WANTED: White "STE Turbo" Nameplate

    Still going to do some searching. I have a parts catalog too but mine isn't showing any Turbo STE badges for some reason. Just the regular non Turbo cars from 90-93. It lists the Turbo coupes for 1990 but nothing on the sedans. Weird.
  6. jiggity76

    WANTED: White "STE Turbo" Nameplate

    Ok, thank you. I'll start the search. Hope your doing well my friend. By the way, this just came in the mail the other day. An NOS one that was very hard to find and I probably overpaid but I love it.
  7. jiggity76

    WANTED: White "STE Turbo" Nameplate

    Do you happen to have the part # for it or can get it? I can do some research on it and maybe find you an NOS one.
  8. jiggity76

    Junk Yard Thread, Never ending

    I didn't take pics of a couple of red CS sedans, one was a 97 bench seat column shift grey cloth car and the other was a 95 car with black leather, ECC, SWRC's, and cassette/CD combo. Both were 3.1 cars. Really bad shape overall, both of them but I did see a 93 maroon LE GP sedan with maroon cloth bench seat. I also spotted these at another yard and was pleasantly surprised. Not much else to report though. I parked next to the really clean white one. I didn't see any rust! So I tallied up what I seen today. 2 95-97 CS sedans. 3 93-96 GP sedans. 1 Anniversary Edition GP sedan. 1 93 CS coupe. 1 97 CS coupe. That's a lot for my area. Too bad most of them were junked.
  9. jiggity76

    Junk Yard Thread, Never ending

    I can't believe someone scrapped this poor International! Someone also switched out the pies for these ugly aftermarket rims, really! Makes me angry someone scrapped this! A 3800 car in maroon, ridiculous!
  10. jiggity76

    W bodies with the Wrong stock wheels

    I don't like them. Monte Carlo/Lumina rims right?
  11. jiggity76

    Junk Yard Thread, Never ending

    I remember this car! I actually like the hub caps on the sedans and coupes too. I've never seen one yet on a vert other than photos like this.
  12. jiggity76

    Junk Yard Thread, Never ending

    That's what MemphisMan and I were thinking too! It's got the LQ1 and leather but no other upgraded options. I love that it's black too! Wouldn't it be crazy if it had cloth, the LQ1, base climate control and cassette player with HUD! Or like manual windows/locks, the LQ1, and a bench seat with moonroof or some weird combo like that! Of course, I wouldn't want to see a car like that sitting in a scrap yard.
  13. jiggity76

    Junk Yard Thread, Never ending

    94 LQ1 CS coupe with leather.
  14. jiggity76

    How to clean my Cutlass.

    I thought I would just use the spare NON HUD cluster that I have to at least be able to watch the vitals when trying to start her up, still want the original cluster to work and be able to use it since it was born with the car. I would still know there was electrical tape over the display and that would bug me to no end. I want to do it right.
  15. jiggity76

    How to clean my Cutlass.

    Still a work in progress. I'm going to wait until I work some overtime or get my taxes done first but definitely doing it soon. I'll update everyone when I find out. I'm really hoping this place in Detroit can fix it, I want it working when I try to diagnose the no start issue. MemphisMan has been helping me a little and giving me some advice on how to do this properly. Thanks to everyone else too. I have a list in my head of the process and steps I need to take before attempting to fire her up. By the way, it's going to be price to repair the cluster, $350 to $450 estimate. I also got ahold of Robertsaar too on FB and he might attempt the repair. When I get closer, and if he still wants to do it, I might have him have a go at it. He's been very gracious to talk to me about it and the possibility of repairing it.