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  1. jiggity76

    1994 Cutlass Interior Swap Scenarios

    That pic makes me worried, looks like a 92 or 93 International coupe, junkyard car? I hope not.
  2. jiggity76

    W bodies with the Wrong stock wheels
  3. jiggity76


    I'm a factory stock car guy, please don't do that! Maybe you should switch to some other alcoholic drink, LOL!
  4. jiggity76 2019 Calendar Submissions

    It did the same for me too at first. I had to click onto the actual calendar selection, where you can scroll thru the calendar and look at each individual months. From there you can add it to your cart and it should let you purchase it.
  5. jiggity76 2019 Calendar Submissions

    Sorry Imp, I forgot to post. Yes, it worked for me. I just paid $7.48, just the shipping cost! Awesome deal and I can't wait to get my calendar!
  6. jiggity76

    CS getting cleaner

    Ok thanks.
  7. jiggity76

    CS getting cleaner

    I was wondering about that. It's amazing what little detail differences can do for a car. MemphisMan is a member on here who has that kind of skill/eye and I think I'm noticing little things like that much better. I also have an LQ1 car so I have the same tips as your vert. What color or brand of paint did you use? Does it have to be a high temp paint?
  8. jiggity76

    CS getting cleaner

    Very cool! I'm planning on this spring to make it out there and bring her home. Maybe we could meet up or something. Nice to meet you, my name is Greg by the way. Nice vert, how did you get the exhaust tips so clean? Usually they are black with exhaust soot.
  9. jiggity76

    CS getting cleaner

    The reason I asked is that I bought an STE from a guy in the Yucca Valley area and was wondering how close you were.
  10. jiggity76

    CS getting cleaner

    Very nice! Hey what part of California are you located?
  11. jiggity76

    Junk Yard Thread, Never ending

    Ok, I remember these cars. It doesn't look that bad aside from it being dirty. Lots of mold so maybe it was in a flood. It's a shame.
  12. jiggity76

    Junk Yard Thread, Never ending

    Do you think I should go back and get it? I didn't look, don't know why but are they mounted in the trunk?
  13. jiggity76

    Junk Yard Thread, Never ending

    Junkyard run today but not much for first gen stuff. I did find this low mileage 88 Regal. And then there was this rare bird, an 89 SHO Taurus with it's original rims, moonroof, radio, and I think original mobile/cell phone! Looks like it had a trunk mounted CD player controller or something. You can tell it's been sitting outside in the weather for a very long time, super dirty and filled with dead bugs, mold, and leaves. I can't remember if Ford offered automatics on these cars but this one is a 5 speed.
  14. jiggity76

    Junk Yard Thread, Never ending

    GTP091 is in Kelowna B.C. it looks like so he's not close to Edmonton.
  15. jiggity76

    Junk Yard Thread, Never ending

    Yeah, Manic confirmed it as HUD, moonroof, and the LQ1 with cloth AQ9 seats but no factory CD player. Maybe it was this member, GTP091? I helped him locate this 5 speed car a while back for tranny parts. Car has been crushed by now I'm sure. I'm going to PM him. Thanks Steve.