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  1. jiggity76

    Door panel question.

    Thanks Memphis. It looks just like my car other than the window tint. It gives me an idea of what mine will look like eventually with new paint and finished restoration work.
  2. jiggity76

    New to the site!

    MemphisMan has been helping me out lately with some things to look for on the LQ1's. He's been great and I'm learning a lot. Since I'm new to the game compared to a lot of guys, this may be boring but I'm finding it very interesting. He suggested pulling the front bank cam cover to see if the belt is intact. Things look good so far. The car always turns over strong but not starting up. I was wondering if the motor will turn over if the belt is broken, I have since learned that if the belt is broken it will still crank but seeing the belt intact is a good sign that it's ok for now. I still think the fuel pump is the culprit but I want to get the dash working first.
  3. jiggity76

    Junk Yard Thread, Never ending

    Oh man! I'm excited and then immediately saddened by this info. Another 1 of 1 car getting scrapped. Sad, very sad.
  4. jiggity76

    Junk Yard Thread, Never ending

    Just got back from 2 yards in my area. Got a lot of pics and hope everyone enjoys! A 1992 3.1 vert with cloth interior. MemphisMan and I think it might be kinda rare since it has cloth interior. Manic, have any thoughts? I took the CD player for myself and got the console lid for MemphisMan and his gorgeous new coupe! A Turbo GT Sunbird, not big on the color but what a cool car! I didn't know the trip odometer and trip timer were in the console on these, really cool! The missing engine parts are in the trunk. Ford Thunderbird Turbo coupe with a 5 speed. I like these too and bummed out it ended up here. Looks complete and waiting to be processed. This is the second yard, a 93 coupe that I grabbed a fog lamp switch for MemphisMan. I tried looking for some rear ashtrays for Selenoyl but no luck today, sorry. I'll keep a lookout. I've been to this yard since 2015 too and I've NEVER seen them crush this many cars at once. It's astounding! Sadly, there were a few W's in the piles. Upside down Cadillac DeVille. This yard has a lot of the older stuff but they are really hard on vehicles, literally throwing them around and dropping them on jagged rocks caving in their floor pans. Gold CS sedan on the bottom left. 95-97 car. A black CS coupe. GP sedan, dual airbags so a 94-96 car.
  5. jiggity76

    Possible Top Pin Cup Solution

    Found this thread Memphis, I'll keep a lookout for any originals but no luck so far.
  6. jiggity76

    Junk Yard Thread, Never ending

    Some people have had good luck of contacting the pullers in that area to pull and ship parts for them, might be worth a shot, what have you got to loose?
  7. jiggity76

    Junk Yard Thread, Never ending

    Thanks Manic, for MemphisMan and me, I'm on the lookout for a 91 International LQ1 CS sedan and he's looking for a 91 LQ1/5 speed car, I don't think he cares if it's an International or not. We have our work cut out for us! Like most cars here in Iowa, it's sad the road salt has taken this rare sedan.
  8. jiggity76

    Junk Yard Thread, Never ending

    I was told by RareGMFan that those dark grey seats are very rare. I PM'd Digital about some parts from it but haven't heard back yet, thanks for trying Manic! I'm going to inquire about parts from this car next week. If this car is NOT an International, what's it doing with the pies? Added later on sometime in it's life perhaps? If you ordered the LQ1, the pies came with deal/suspension package? I don't think I've seen crosslaces with the LQ1 that I can remember.
  9. jiggity76

    Junk Yard Thread, Never ending

    Another International! When will it all end? I suppose when none are left. Seeing rare cars in nice climates meet their fate is very upsetting.
  10. jiggity76

    Calling all sunroof/moonroof owners!

    If these guide pieces are black, I fear that mine might be broken.
  11. jiggity76

    New to the site!

    Thanks again bud! I'm going to keep the plastic OEM looking one, maybe there was a difference between the 3.1 and LQ1 cars and this is just an original 3.1 cap (off of my 89 International coupe 3.1 parts car). I like it a lot better than the obvious aftermarket one. I'm going to look for the ones you posted when I hit the junkyards in the future too.
  12. jiggity76

    New to the site!

    Playing around the engine bay of the International this morning and noticed that it has an aftermarket radiator cap on it. I looked at the 89 International parts car and grabbed what looks like an original cap, not sure, can you guys let me know? I don't know if they used different ones between the 3.1 and the LQ1 cars. Aftermarket one. OEM one I hope.
  13. That's great! Can you send me some pics of it, I need one with no cracks as that's the reason I'm needing one.
  14. The HUD itself looks different than mine. I know the 89-90 cars have the adjuster on the side of the HUD unit where the 91-93 cars have a cable and adjuster underneath the windshield wiper control pod. I'm just wondering if the speaker grills and the hole where the HUD lives will be the same.
  15. Hey guys, would that 89-90 HUD dash pad work in my 93 STE HUD car?