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  1. I've been thinking the same thing. I hate to scrap an STE but yeah, it's pretty rotted so I don't think I could restore it financially and I already have my unicorn. Gotta think about it.
  2. I hate to say it but I really could use this car for parts.
  3. That's awesome! You've probably saved yourself a thousand or more bucks. Great news and I'm sure your having fun revisiting the vert again!
  4. Here's the right tail lamp if this is the one you need. I also have info for an NOS left lamp if you want me to PM them to you.
  5. I agree. Mine on the STE is broken but I have two good replacement ones. One of them is an NOS piece.
  6. That's exactly what the guy on YouTube was talking about. I can't speak for anyone else's situation but like I said, I changed it out and it's been starting up like a champ ever since I replaced it.
  7. No I didn't. I just kinda guessed, seems like it was just starving for fuel when it was warm and running around town doing errands, stopping and starting a lot and struggling to start up. A guy on YouTube said that if you pull off the little rubber vent hose or whatever it is from the top of the regulator and fuel comes out of it, that's bad. That's exactly what mine did when I pulled it off. Still pretty mad that the company who built the car couldn't diagnose it properly and I had to fix it myself. I mean, they are suppose to be trained GM technicians right?
  8. I had the same issue with my 96 CS 3.1 sedan. It would crank for 15-20 seconds before starting when doing errands around town but would start right up when cold, only crank 2-3 seconds before starting. I even took it to a GM garage and had to pay the diagnostic fee just so they could tell me it's fine and no issues, just to live with it, it's an old car (78,000 miles at the time). As soon as I got it home from driving it 40 mins back from the dealer, it took forever for it to start up. It only sat for about 10 mins. I got very angry and decided to diagnose it myself. After watching some YouTube videos and talking to some guys here, I changed out the fuel pressure regulator which only took about a half hour or so. Never had a problem again and starts right up no matter what temperature. That was last fall. Starts up consistently about 2-3 seconds every time. When I do the gaskets and maintenance work on the International and STE (both LQ1 3.4 cars), I'm changing out the regulators too since I'm in that area anyway.
  9. jiggity76

    Why not Quad 4

    Then there's this gorgeous low mileage 90 CS International coupe for sale right now for just $2500!!! It's a Quad 4/5 speed car!!! I believe these have the High Output version.
  10. jiggity76

    Why not Quad 4

    There was a 90 Quad GP coupe on a site somewhere for sale, a blue car I think in Mexico. It was an auto car and it's the only GP Quad I've seen so far. I've seen quite a few Iron Duke 4 cylinder Lumina's on sites and found my first one down in a KC junkyard. They look so strange in the engine bay of a W-body but I like them! I took the floormats from it for my International.
  11. jiggity76

    Why not Quad 4

    I'm not good yet with the Quad 4 output offerings yet, still learning. I have seen 3 maybe 4 CS sedans with the Quad including this 90 sedan with the auto. I'm guessing it's the low output but like I said, still learning. I have seen thru the web a few Quad 4/5 speed CS sedan, remember Jay! Those are rare and pretty amazing.
  12. Have any of these been found yet?
  13. Not sure, that's the first I'm hearing this. I do know because of Jay, only 3 1997 Cutlass Supremes were built with the LQ1.
  14. Ok guys, here's the numbers on the LQ1 Lumina production. Give props to Jay, he's the best and without him, we wouldn't have this info. I was surprised to see the high numbers on these LQ1 cars. Maybe they were clearing out their parts bins before the 3800 dropped? 15,988 1995 LQ1 Lumina's made. 6% of total production. 5232 of those had the column shifter. 2,054 1996 LQ1 Lumina's made. 1.6% of total production. 2 of those had the column shifter. Pretty rare for the 1996 model year.
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